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The recent sales rally sweepstakes winners were our guests on the Cash Flow – Home Business Radio show last night and they had some awesome tips!

Listen to the first set here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 8/25/15).

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Maria Blackwell Shares The High 5 Club

If I got this right, you will need 5 outlines of your hand for the High 5 Club!

Outline your hand and write one of 5 aspects for each finger in the five different scenarios below.
High 5 Club
The first hand in the High 5 Club has 5 layers of why:

  1. Why are you doing your home business?
  2. Why did you write that?
  3. Why is that important?
  4. Why did you write that?
  5. Why does that matter?

Then use these criteria to determine how you are going to make your WHY happen on the next 4 High Five hands you have drawn:

  • 5 Contacts A Day: 5 contacts a day X 5 days a week will definitely get you unstuck with 25 contacts per week year-round!!
  • 5 Ways To Sponsor A Star: referrals, whose life can you change, leaders in other areas, write your want ad, look for a friend
  • 5 M’s That Teach Your Team To Sponsor: model, mentor, monitor, motivate, multiply
  • 5 Aspects Of Planning Team Meetings: training, recognition, information, motivation, bling (products)

Any leader can create the High 5 Club concept for her/his downline!!

Maria Blackwell has been in direct sales over 10 years and is currently with Park Lane Jewelry.

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She was thrilled to attend her first Park Lane convention in July!

What she loved most about it was how completely practical and usable everything presented at convention was!

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