How To Get People To Take Action

Leaders often struggle to take action themselves and so getting others to take action can be tough.

Whether it be your hostess, a new consultant, your leaders or even yourself, understanding the steps on how to get people to take action will help!

How To Get People To Action

It is a 3-step process to get people to take action:

  • Inspiration: Being inspired is seeing the big picture. It is the excitement and passion.

A person must believe that it is possible for them to achieve.

The inspiration usually comes from outside of self. Seeing others who have achieved success in the same situation is inspirational.

Testimonials and success stories are a great way to keep people inspired, which is why meetings and attending conferences are so effective.

Hostess coaching is all about inspiring the host!

  • Motivation: This comes from within. What is your/their why?

Leaders help others connect to the emotional aspect of why they want to take action and how they will feel when the success is achieved.

At parties and when talking to customers it is all about story telling to create desire.

  • Knowledge: A person has to know how to do it.

Being trained and/or having the skill set necessary to accomplish the action is required to take the action.

Ask yourself these questions as they relate to the 3 steps to move people to action:

  1. What can you do to inspire them to want it?
  2. Why would they personally want it?
  3. Do they have the skills?

Your team or your host may be motivated and inspired but if you have not taught them the skills they will not be able to take the actions.

When you can zero in on all 3 steps necessary to move people to action then your efforts will pay off!

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