New Consultant Training Momentum

It is important to get your new distributors off to a great start and it is equally important not to overwhelm them!

The key to a new consultant training program is to create momentum from day one.

When someone has too many decisions to make or too much to do in general they tend to do less or make fewer decisions.

New Consultant Training

Your super starter training should start the moment they sign up!

During the process of filling out the agreement ask them when they would be able to do their first 2 practice shows.

Pick the dates! (If your new consultant is not willing to pick dates for their first shows then that should be a sign that they will not be willing to work their business!)New Consultant Training

Then immediately begin to hostess coach them as if they were a hostess.

What does it take to have a really good party?

Give them a host packet and get them started on writing the list of the top 100 people they have known since kindergarten.

If they are long distance send a digital hostess flier or direct them to the online location on where to find the hostess sheet for brainstorming their guest list.

Tell them to work on the list and call everyone and invite them to come help you practice! The practice show is a low stress situation for everyone involved!

These simple actions will create momentum.

Developing momentum by starting an action… any action is key to a successful business!

Most important though, these first-day simple actions will ensure that the new consultant has two successful shows to launch their business.

Consultants who make money don’t quit!

Continue New Consultant Training With System

Just like your party hostess you should give the new consultant small actions in little dribbles and keep them as simple as possible.

A series of 6 – 8 phone calls before and after their first few shows that utilizes a checklist of details will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

At the interview set an appointment for the first official coaching call and help them with their list and preparing for the practice shows.

Continue to coach them as a consultant but also as a hostess so that you are teaching them not only how to have a great launch show but also how to hostess coach.

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