Convention Attendance Team Incentives

How would you like to have more of your consultants at the national convention next year?

When you run year round team team incentives that generate interest in conferences, then you will have more attendees at these important events.

You may want to also read our page on planning sales incentives so you take all the facts into account before rolling out your event.

The members of your team who actually do attend national will be your future sales, bookings and recruiting superstars.

Studies have shown that convention attendees:

  • have a higher show average
  • get more bookings at shows
  • are better recruiters

In addition they are more likely than non-attendees to move up the ladder to the next level in the months after going to national events.

You can impact the number of people on your team who attend the annual or regional sales meetings by marketing the event all year with sales team incentives.

Run Direct Sales Team Incentives All Year

Market your convention to your direct sales consultants through year long team incentives so that they always know the date long in advance!  This approach to marketing your event is similar to one I posted a couple of weeks ago.

“Pitcher Your Self at National Conference” and “Go Hog Wild Over National Conference” both work the same way.

team incentives They are both a combination of sales consultant incentives and sales consultant saving plan.

The goal is that you hype up the event all year and have ongoing team incentives that supplement the savings that they are putting into their hog (piggy bank).

Team Incentive Ideas

Some ideas on how your team incentive would work:

  • Get some inexpensive piggy banks at the dollar store.
  • Make a big hoopla to kick off your program.
  • Give everyone a hog (piggy bank): The game is all about the fun in the process. They do not need to commit to going to convention now, they just play the games that you create.
  • Each sales consultant saves their pocket change all year and you add fun and some crazy incentives and the hype. Later if they decide not to go, then they can invest the money in their business in other ways.
  • Make a big hoopla about the “Go Hog Wild Over National Conference” incentive at all your meetings after that.
  • Continue to give out pigs at every meeting.
  • Each month offer a new incentive to play.
  • Have a hog weigh in at every meeting.
  • Go hog wild marketing your “Go Hog Wild” program in the newsletter, on Facebook, at the meetings, all the time.
  • Offer fake money called “Deb’s Dough” or something similar for achieving certain goals. The dollars are either matching, or special prizes for special things, like having a $1000 month, etc. The “Team Dollars” only get spent AT convention though.
  • By the end of the year your team will have all the money that they need for the trip.

meeting theme incentives
You could have many different games or activities at your monthly meetings.

  • Name Your Hog
  • Dress Your Hog
  • Other fun and crazy activities to keep the “Go Hog Wild” team incentive exciting.

You will be amazed at how much people get into this!!

Most people do not go to convention because they do not have the money or at least that is the excuse.

This system will get the date on the calendar and totally invalidate that excuse.

Direct Sales Consultant’s Save For convention

Both “Go Hog Wild” and “Pitcher Your Self” conference incentive are the same concept.

Your direct sales consultants are saving their change without making a commitment to actually go.

You are helping out with incentives to augment the savings. These can be something like:

  • Earn “Deb’s Dough” for doing XYZ
  • Matching funds like a 401(k) when they get to the national event: Save $X (in the hog) and actually go to conference and I would match up to 2% (or whatever) with a limit. Like a 401(k)
  • Get a FREE gift after saving $X
  • Be creative!

Figure out your cost before you offer your incentive. Look at what you can afford based on the number of people who went last year and what you hope to attain this year with an increase and what that will end up costing. If they do not go then they do not get the match.

The hype keeps people thinking and planning all year.
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I guarantee that both the Pitcher Yourself” and the “Go Hog Wild” team meeting incentives WILL increase your number of reps at national convention.

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    Shared by: kathy:

    Hey Deb!! I saw a post where you shared what to look for when consultants return from convention/conference. I can’t seem to locate your post. Can you help?

    Shared by: Carey:

    We had “convention credits” that we earned for sales and recruiting that bought things at conference. We had wish list and the company (slumber parties back in the day) shopped for us—jewelry, computers, comforters, cash out (to reemburse trip) you name it – it was there! We had hundreds show up for conference (only used at conference – didn’t go – you lost them) it worked so well! Thanks for bring this up – you got my creative juices flowing!

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    The fake money to be spent at conference is a nice addition to the money-saving plan.

    Shared by: Callie Thames:

    I love this! I think I like the piggy banks even more than the pitcher idea. I am always looking for more incentives for my downline.

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    I totally did this at our first team meeting after conference…and I’ve had 2 girls tell me they’ve emptied their piggy banks 3 times for saving for our National Conference. This is a great idea and I’m glad you shared it!

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