Create Timely Team Rewards

This week on the Cash Flow Show Radio we talked with Diane Prince about planning direct sales incentives for your team.

A team incentive can either do what it is supposed to do… incentivize or it can break the bank!! In the first set Diane and I discussed how to create timely team rewards.

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Planning Team Rewards

Plan your team incentive recognition in such a way that you are immediately prepared to offer the reward in a timely manner.
Is your reward something that your team wants?

Make sure that your team rewards are of value to the recipients. When you plan team rewarding gifts it must be relevant to each and every individual.

Customize your team rewards for the personalities of the individuals, make them fun, and recognize the person as opposed to the deed. The interactive and connections that a reward creates will engage your team more now and into the future.

Diane Prince is VP of Corporate Sales at Sugarwish, a women-led online candy gifting company.

When you use timely incentive rewarding your promotions will have more impact and encourage higher levels of performance.

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