Rocket Recruiting: Recruit by Leading With Tax Savings

rocket recruiting
Eric Tippitts shares his Rocket Recruiting app on the Cash Flow Show Radio - Listen how to lead with the tax savings and recruit people on the spot!

How To Use The Feel Felt Found Method

what is the feel felt found method
Feel Felt Found examples and scripts. Incorporate Feel Felt Found techniques into you scripts to improve home business recruiting results.

Annual Calendar Planning – Write Your Annual Plan NOW!

Pay The Date
Listen to the radio show on Calendar Planning. Make a strategic plan for your New Year special events so you are caught up not playing catch up!

How To Pick A Tax Accountant

How To Pick A Tax Accountant
Keep more of you money after you learn how to pick a tax accountant. Home business consultants can use the deductions properly to pay less taxes. If an accountant says that is a red flag then it is a red flag not to use them!

Set SMART Goals & SMARTER Goals

smart goals
When you set SMART goals for your home business you will have a much better chance of reaching them. Evaluate and reevaluate to achieve success!

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