Offer Cookies To Your FRANK List

jodi keller
Redo the FRANK list and make a plan to meet up them on it over the holidays and grow your team while you enjoy the holiday parties with friends and family.

Mantras With Dana Wilde

Dana Wilde shares some of her many mantras and Facebook quotes on the Cash Flow Show Radio. Learn how to change your life with mantras that will keep your brain on the look out for those opportunities.

The Objection Crusher: 3 S System

Objection Crusher
Home party consultants will get more bookings at every party when they incorporate Tim Wilson's 3 S Objection Crusher technique into business.

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Biz

how to market business on halloween
Learn how to market business on Halloween to trick or treaters and grow your home business. Techniques to get your name into new households!

The Catalog Game For Parties

Briana Kimmel - Catalog Game
This simple catalog game is a walk through the catalog that keeps your guests focused on what you want. The products! Read an easy presentation technique.

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