Encourage Team Collaboration For The Good Of All

Learn how to encourage team collaboration so that they work together as a group and become high performers. Encouraging collaboration is a leader's job.

No Warm Market – No Problem!

You can start a home party business with no warm market. The 6 techniques that Deb Bixler used to quit her corporate job in 9 months will work for you!

A Pet Home Party = New Bookings

pet home party
A pet home party may be a step outside of your comfort zone but will get you some new home party bookings for sure! Read - Listen how to plan one!

Make Plan To Promote In 2017

Plan To Promote
Make sure that your promotion happens by making a plan. Plan To Promote with an organized system of proactive actions that will keep you on track all year.

2016 Top 10 Posts – The Winners Are…

The 2016 Blog Stroll is the Cash Flow Show annual holiday gift to say thank you for being a fan. Read the top 10 most popular posts for 2106.