Do YOU Connect The Web?

Connect The Web
Most home business owners do not Connect The Web. It is not ONLY Facebook and your affiliate site! Read how to Connect the web and sell more online.

Save Tax Dollars On Personal Trips

With diligence and awareness you can save tax dollars by deducting some of your personal travel expenses from your taxes when you have a home business.

Laugh At Sales Bloopers!

norma miniaci
Sales bloopers happen but Norma Miniaci still kicked her first party off with a bang and went on to a successful business! Read funny story!

Always Use The Positive Spin!

Jennifer Strohmaier puts a positive spin on an unfortunate situation. Read the funny story and listen to the radio show broadcast about the funny story.

Have You Ever Thought About Doing What I Do?

Have you ever thought about doing what I do? is a simple question that when asked at the right moment will give you LOTS of recruit leads!

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