Go With Your Gut Not Your Logic

Learn how to go with your gut rather than using logic & rewards will be great! Allow your intuition to do it's thing and you will get the results you want!

Get Leads In Business Networking Groups

Robin Corbin shares how to get results networking at business networking groups. Learn the 5 do's and 5 don'ts of networking to get results!

Core Activities In Party Plan

When you know core activities necessary to succeed working from home business is easier. Read how to organize your time buy understanding the activities.

I’m Too Busy (An Excuse)

too busy
Learn why your customers say I am too busy to host a party so that you can solve the problem and get more bookings at every show!

Watkins Reps Celebrate 30 Years!

Watkins Reps, Karen and Keith Hagen share their tips to staying committed to their home based business for 30 years. Learn how to do the same!