The Just Ask Me Marketing Strategy

Just Ask Me Bag
Just ask me for a brochure written on a bag that you carry everywhere with you is one of the easiest ways to attract people who want what you have to offer!

Ask Me About My Business Game

Ask Me About My Business game
Nervous talking about the opportunity? Add the Ask Me About My Business game to your home party and find more potential consultants.

Holiday Networking: Julie On Radio

Listen Holiday Networking Tips
Now is the time for holiday networking so get into the groove with these tips. Read 4 things you can put into action NOW!

Julie Fry, BAM Networking Tips

Julie Fry
Julie Fry, founder of Business Among Moms shares 3 simple networking tips that you can use to connect better and improve results.

Coach January Hostess Parties

Calendar Planning
Learn how to coach your January Hostess Parties so that they do not cancel. It is all about staying in touch and not pestering them over the holidays.