Run A Blue Light Special At Party

A Blue Light Special to create bookings creates urgency! Read this bookings game that will increase sales and get bookings on your party calendar.

Start A Welcome Wagon For Bookings

Listen to Linda Rennie share on how to start a Welcome Wagon to find new bookings for your party plan business. Greet the neighbors and get bookings!

How To Find Amazing Recruits

Find Amazing Recruits
Learn how to find Find Amazing Recruits for your direct sales business who actually work and stick around long enough to make money.

The Adjective Game For Parties

The Adjective Game can be a great party or meeting opener to get everyone laughing. People will spend more money at a home party when they are having fun!

Hand Out Business Cards By Not GETTING People To Take Your Card!

It is easier to make friends than it is to hand out business cards. When you make friends they will ask you for a business card or catalog! Hand out more!

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