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Using Facebook Groups To Find Sales Leads

Posted by Deb Bixler

Facebook groups can be a great way to generate leads for your direct sales business.

I do not mean you should start a group.

That may be appropriate for training your sales team or marketing to customers, but what I am referring to here is joining groups that are in your niche to create new leads.

Engagement In Groups

I was asked recently to write an article on how to get better engagement in Facebook.

With the many changes in Facebook this is an ongoing challenge but worth the effort.

Honestly, I find that I get the best engagement by networking in Facebook groups or commenting on other fan pages that are in my niche.

I can then develop the relationship more and refer the lead to my business page or website.

When networking in Facebook or any other social site for that matter, remember that it is similar to offline networking.

You must add value to those you are networking with.

If you only market your business and never add value to the group then the activity will be counterproductive.

You will see a lot of distributors doing this in groups but when you choose to add value and wait for questions and comments you will be perceived as a professional and it will work for lead generation.

Search For And Join Groups On Facebook & Other Pages In Niche

Using the Facebook search tool, search for your ideal clients.
Facebook Groups

You will notice that people, fan pages, apps and groups show up.

Think outside the box….

Where would the ideal customer for you hang out online?

Just start looking for Fan pages and Facebook groups that these types of people would be socializing in and join the group, like the Fan page, and start networking!

For example if you sell:

  • Jewelry – then look for fashion
  • Food or kitchen tools – then look for cooking or dieters or Moms
  • Romance products – then look for women, sexy or maybe “love my man”
  • Clothing – of course fashion

Be creative.

Take some time once a month or so and look for new groups and Fan pages to join that are going to have people hanging out who are in your niche.

Add Value In Facebook Groups

Networking means adding value to the community.

When you visit your pages and groups periodically and add value (not just direct sales links) then people will comment and frequently give you a window of opportunity by asking for the link or asking for more information.

When in a group you are acting as yourself (your profile) so periodically you will get a chance to link to your Fan page or website.

When on a niche page you can use your business page to comment on the page so that there is always a link back to your business Fan page. Most of the time when you post on other businesses’ pages they come over and comment on yours as well!
Facebook Engagement
For this reason you should “like” the page as a person and also as a business.

As you can see on this example on the left, I made a comment that was helpful to the group and created engagement.

Then a group member asked for more information and now I have permission to drop a link.

Create a regular system of posting in groups and on your own business Fan page.

Doing this strategically with your end goal in mind will increase engagement on your page as well, because your fans will be qualified people with a sincere interest in what you offer.

Don’t Spam Social Sites

Wait for permission so that you are not spamming!

This is the type of networking that works best online and offline as well!

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Fall Bookings Challenge: Retirement Home Shows

Posted by Deb Bixler

Every 4th Wednesday of the month on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio we talk about how to find party plan bookings!

Direct sales booking tip #46 is discussed on the recording below.

Offer yourself to retirement centers and assisted living facilities as a holiday shopping helper!

Retirement Homes For Fall Parties

Retirement Home Show: This is not a huge money-maker, yet it works every time and can be a consistent event on a monthly basis.

The activities coordinators at local retirement homes and disability or rehab centers are always looking for entertainment for the residents.

Offer your services as a presenter. Create themes and economical product packages for the residents.

Tell them you are a holiday shopping helper and FREE entertainment for the retirees or members all rolled into one!

Ask that they circulate catalogs with the staff to boost the sales and possibly get more bookings.

Usually the activities department needs funds for more activities, so a fund-raiser is a great way to go.

Do not expect huge sales from the residents. Some will order if you create packages for gift-giving ideas that are affordably priced and all inclusive of any shipping and taxes.

You can listen to the first set here and/or check the schedule to listen to the full show which will broadcast daily through 9/9/14.

Home Business Radio

Take The Fall Bookings Tip Challenge

Take the BOOKINGS Challenge that Deb offers on this radio show!

Fall BookingsWhile being a presenter at retirement homes will not fill your calendar it is fun and provides a great service while boosting your sales.

Work it right and you will find that the staff generate good sales and often book shows as well.

The Fall Bookings Challenge WILL fill your calendar though because it is the little things that add up!

Can YOU fill up one whole graph paper with NOs?

I bet not! Go for it!!

  1. Comment below in the comment section that you are taking the challenge!
  2. Print out the graph paper and start implementing a new technique every single week!
  3. Fill your graph with NOs
  4. Document your YESes too!
  5. Send your completed graph to Deb for a FREE gift! (

Listen to the full show that will broadcast daily through 9/9/14 at online or check the schedule and listen on the ‘wsRadio’ app found in your Smartphone market.

Comment Below That You Are Accepting The Fall Bookings Challenge!

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Start A Blog – Party Plan Blogging Is Fun! (Tip #45)

Posted by Deb Bixler

When I say start a blog for home party business leads and bookings most people say -

“Whoa! I am too busy to start blogging too!”


“I cannot even imagine what I would blog about!!”

As a party plan or direct sales consultant you should use every marketing opportunity available to find business and a blog is just that…. another marketing opportunity.

The funny thing is that blogging makes all your other activities easier both online and offline!

Your blog or even just a static website with an easy-to-say, easy-to-type domain name is great for offline marketing. Imagine how easy it would be to tell people:  “Go to my website:”

When you have an easy-to-say direct sales domain name you can say it offline more often to generate web orders. You can use it in:

  • host coaching
  • during your show
  • at the store
  • anywhere

A blog also provides you with content to share and stream across your social sites.

As A Party Plan Consultant Why Blog?

Why Blog?You are probably thinking ‘Why should I blog?” when I am already so busy!?

The main reason that you should blog is that your affiliate site is basically the exact same content as all the other consultants as well as your home office’s site.

When Google does a search for someone they are looking for the most appropriate content online.

If  there is duplicate content then Google must make a choice. They pick one site to serve up based on other variables such as length of time online, incoming links or amount of traffic.

The result is that 9 times out of 10 the only site that appears is the home office’s site because all the affiliate sites were duplicated after the main site.

If someone searches for your company’s name and types: book a MyFantasticCompany party – chances are your site will not show up.

Party plan blogAs a blogger, you can create unique content that is in your niche.

Every blog post becomes a page that could show up in the search engines. You then link back to your sales site from your blog!

A blog is an ongoing sharing of information.

You can share about many topics that bring value and create desire for your products with links back to your site!

Think of each article as one more piece of real estate that Google can find!

Promote – Add Value Packed Information

Blogs can come in the form of helpful tips and hints, small summaries of articles pertaining to a particular industry, or small articles about a specific topic.

If you are in the home party plan business a blog is a very effective promotional tool.

I frequently get asked, “What should I blog about?”

You should blog about anything that brings value to your clients and can or would create desire in the market for your product, opportunity or services.

Blogging is a way of serving the public.

Your blog focus can be anything that is related to your product or niche.

Another article that may help you narrow your blog topic may be the one on getting started in public speaking.

How To Start A Blog: Pick A Topic

Your blogging topic should be specific to your business, not just your company but your own personal business. Think about:

  • What is your business personality?
  • What is your product line?
  • What is your niche market?
  • How can you bring value to your customers?

You are in a direct selling company selling cosmetics, fashions, or jewelry:

  • Beauty Tips Blog
  • Women On The Go
  • Beautiful Women Working At Home
  • The Modern Woman’s Fashion Consultant
  • Moms Look Good Too
  • Mom, Kids and Good Looks

Your home business company focuses on kitchen tools, food, or food mixes:

  • Mom’s Fast Kitchen
  • Fun, Fast And Healthy
  • The Convenient Gourmet
  • Cooking On The Run

You sell health items, vitamins, or outdoor active clothing:

  • start a blogThe Active Family Blog
  • Healthy Living Tips
  • Outdoor Living and Healthy Choices
  • Growing Up Healthy

The blog topic can be general, which will leave you open to a wide variety of articles.

If you sell jewelry and your topic or blog theme is jewelry, that is cool.

If your topic is fashion and tips on how to look good on a budget, then it opens you up to many different types of articles which could include jewelry and more.

Your new blog will have the feature to create groupings called “categories.”

So, in the example of jewelry, you could have a jewelry category, an accessories category, a parenting category, a junior fashion category or any other subject you want.

Keep in mind that a blog should be updated on a regular basis.

Some people even choose to do this every day. Basically, anytime you have something to report or an event to pass along, you will want to update your blog. The more you update your blog, the more “real estate” you put out to the search engines.

Every page becomes search engine “bait,” so the more the better.

Free WordPress Blogs For Beginners

how to start a blogI recommend WordPress because it is a very search engine-friendly blogging platform and easy to use.

Free WordPress blogs are available.  If you are not sure that you will stick with it, then I recommend that you start with a freebie to see if you can get into it.

But if you are serious, then you should really go all the way and have a real WordPress blog that you actually own.

Blog Set Up For Party Plan

Why Blog?WordPress is easy to master after it is set up. For your first party plan blog, it would be advisable to have someone else set it up for you.

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one blog.

After you blog for a while, most likely you will be able to set up the second blog yourself.

Deb provides quick and affordable WordPress installation services for home business owners as well as a WordPress tutorial to get you off on the right foot. Click to email her and get a quote.

  • Be careful on the web, because it is easy to spend too much money on a blog set up service!!

Stream Your Party Plan Blog Across Social Sites

After your blog is set up it can be streamed automatically into the various social sites. That way you get the benefit of having a search engine-friendly blog as well as the social site connections and content for both.

Often your social posts take the reader straight to a sales page and if they do not want to buy they never go back, but if they are taken to content of value on your blog instead then they may read and return again!

You can place a blog on just about any website that you already own with the exception of a direct sales company affiliate site.

Party Plan Company Rules & Blogging

  • Please note that it is really important to check with your party plan company’s online policy before you start blogging.  All companies have rules to protect the brand and it is your responsibility to know what your company allows and follow their guidelines.

Once you set up the blog itself, it’s time to begin writing.

Create a consistent schedule and make it a routine. You might even consider setting a blogging schedule. You don’t have to write in each blog every day, but the more you do, the more publicity you get.

Do a little bit of studying on how to make your blog article more search engine-friendly so that you get the most bang for your bucks.

Remember: The most important thing to remember about blogging is to provide VALUE!

Why Blog?

Well… for business and bookings of course!

But also because blogging is FUN!

Send Deb an email if you want some help setting up a blog.

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How To Deal With Negative Nelly!

Posted by Deb Bixler

Many parties have a Negative Nelly!

There are a few easy things that you can incorporate into your show that will keep the Negative Nellies from ruining the party.

For starters make sure that your show starts with a bang!

A powerful script to open the party that tells the audience this is going to be fun will go a long way to getting Negative Nelly to keep to herself.

Something like this:

Let’s get started! Today we are going to [cook, learn organizing tips, scrap book, have a makeover, etc.], eat, learn something… but most of all we are going to have some FUN and I can pretty much guarantee you that before this day is over you WILL fall in love with our products, and when that happens you may want to consider hosting a show…..

A fun and upbeat start to your party may in itself keep Nelly under control.

The worst thing you can do with a negative customer is to argue with her or him or try to justify yourself or your products.

Don’t give them any power… instead defuse their influence on the group.

Point Blank Criticism

On occasion a guest may bring up a real criticism of a product. Most likely this complaint is justified but DURING the party is not the place to discuss it.

In this case the simple 3 – S response to crushing objections may help reduce the tension of both you and them:

  1. Support Them – Validate Them: I can certainly see how that would really upset you!
  2. Solution – Provide A Solution: We do have an unconditional warranty and I definitely want to find a solution for you.
  3. Stop Them With A Quesion: Do you think that we can discuss this after the show so I can solve this for you?

Dealing with criticism in this way will gain the respect of the other show attendees and validate the complainer.

Negative NellieGive Negative Nelly Some Attention

There are a few things you can do within the course of your presentation that will minimize the run of the mill, generic type of Negative Nelly’s impact on your party.

Most negative people are just looking for a little bit of attention, so give it to her!

It is usually easy to pick up on Neg Nelly quickly and a compliment will defuse her. After a compliment it is easy to incorporate her into the party as your  sidekick.

Every infomercial has a sidekick and so can you.

Once you know the person’s name, then make them part of the presentation by saying things like: Right Nelly? or What do you think of that, Nelly?

This personal attention will keep her/him on your side of the presentation.

Other Ways To Defuse Negative Guests

Other techniques that you can incorporate into your presentation that will keep a negative guest in check are similar to those you would use to keep your audiences’ attention in general:

  • Thank her/him for the feedback
  • Stand on the front of your table – not behind it!
  • Walk closer to the negative person when talking
  • Look her/him in the eye when you say their name
  • Maintain a fast-paced FUN show
  • Face Negative Nelly squarely when answering a direct criticism

Remember that Negative Nelly loves to drag us down to her level so don’t let her!

She is not looking for an answer…. so, don’t try to give her one, just attempt to keep her from ruining the party!

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Smiling On The Phone Improves Results!

Posted by Deb Bixler

If something as simple as smiling on the phone would bring you better results, would you?

One of the most powerful techniques for expanding your business that will improve your closing or conversion ratio is also one of the most time-honored techniques in sales and it is FREE!

As a direct sales consultant who is responsible for her or his own success, you will benefit by incorporating this powerful yet simple technique into your sales arsenal.

Increase Your Odds Of YES!

smile on the phoneWhenever you are on the phone with a potential client (or in person for that matter) there is one simple thing you can do that will tilt the odds of getting a YES in your favor.


This may seem like a silly suggestion at first, but experience and science tell us differently.

In his 1937 classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People, self-improvement expert and world-renowned trainer Dale Carnegie states:

“The effect of a smile is powerful—even when it is unseen.

Telephone companies throughout the United States have a program called “phone power” which is offered to employees who use the telephone for selling their services or products.

In this program they suggest that you smile when talking on the phone. Your ‘smile’ comes through in your voice.”

Sale Consultants Smile On The Telephone!

Experts such as Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy also discuss the importance of smiling when dealing with people.

So how does smiling on the phone help achieve success in direct sales?

First of all, get over the idea that smiling while talking on the phone is silly.

There is an age-old sales saying… “smile and dial.”

There is good reason for that piece of advice.

Smiling On The Phone!

Smiling makes your tone happy, warm, and friendly, which makes you sound calm and confident. You do want to come across as warm, friendly, and confident, right?

Use a mirror to gauge yourself and develop the habit of looking in the mirror and smiling while dialing.

After a while it will be an ingrained habit. Think about how excited the prospect will be when you are able to solve their problems through your products and/or services.

Think about how helping your customer results in generating income. These thoughts should be enough to get a smile on your face.

Think about your friends and family, as well as other positive thoughts that will keep you in a good mood with a smile on your face.

Business and Personal Benefits Of Smiling

There are many personal and business benefits of smiling!

Not only does smiling while talking on the phone increase your chances of a yes, it also:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases positive energy
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Enhances other people’s perception of you

Sit up straight or better yet stand up while speaking on the phone and smile and your results are guaranteed to improve…. even if you are just leaving a message!

Tell us below what is making YOU smile today~!

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