Get Daytime Party Bookings (Or Anytime)

Schedule Daytime party bookings or bookings anytime you want by putting focus on them. Fill your calendar anytime day or night with this simple strategy.

When A Company Closes Down: What Next?

When A Company Closes Down
Our sympathy goes out to Silpada reps! Read what you should do when a company closes down. A company closing is traumatic for everyone. Learn what to do if it is your company and how to support them.

Define Direct Sales: Art, Science, Skill

When you define direct sales as an art, science & a skill you will succeed. Learn what direct sales and photography have in common to grow your business!

Summer Party Themes: A – Z List

Your party plan business will thrive when you have good Summer Party Themes to get more bookings! Everyone will want to host a party with you!

Write A Guest Post For Leads

A guest post on websites where your ideal customer hangs out may not fill the calendar but it will bring you an occasional surprise booking or sale!

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