Texting Parties With Kayla McGee

Texting Parties are a simple way to add additional cash flow to your home party plan business. Appeal to different types of people by offering different types of parties and events to increase bookings.

Melanie Moore With CinchShare On The Radio

Director of Training and Development at CinchShare, Melanie Moore is the guest on this segment of the Cash Flow Show - Direct Sales Radio. Learn How to save time and money generating income in Facebook.

How To Use Instagram For Business

The Cash Flow Show Radio guest Jilleysue discusses how to use Instagram for your party plan business with simple Instagram 101 strategies. Read! Listen!

Write Direct Sales Business Plan

How To Write A Business Plan
Listen to a FREE recording on writing a direct sales business plan for your home business and turn your business into a cash generator.

Host Coaching Tips For $1000 Shows

host coaching for $1000 parties
Learn how to have a $1000 shows in party plan business. Watch video - download audio e-book to have $1000 shows!

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