Tip #105 For Bookings – Children Marketing

Children marketing your party plan business for you can be very effective due to their total lack of restraint! Learn how to get new business!

The Iceberg Theory – Biz Is An Iceberg

The iceberg theory AKA the theory of omission will work on your behalf or against you. Learn how to use it effectively in direct sales recruiting.

Hostess Coaching Online Parties

Online parties can be as big as live parties when you learn how to hostess coach online parties to create an event that is worth your time and effort!

7 Types Of Leads You Meet At Expos

Being able to recognize the different types of leads at an event will allow you to qualify them and follow up quickly for more success! Read more!

Create Timely Team Rewards

Team Incentives work but make sure you do not break the bank. Learn how to plan a team incentive! Listen to radio show with Deb Bixler and Diane Prince.

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