Networking Tips: Shannon Bednowicz

Shannon Bednowicz, Partylite consultant
Shannon Bednowicz of PartyLite shares networking tips that bring better results. Use 3 powerful networking tips to improve your networking efforts.

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

Watch old Think And Grow Rich Video with Napoleon Hill. The law of attraction is not a new concept! Love this video! Learn how he applied affirmations!

Use Football Program Ads: Samples

The football program ads are affordable and will bring home party business more exposure in the community. Read sample program ads for your home business.

Booth Set Up: DOs & DON’Ts

How To Follow Up On Trade Show
Learn how to set up a display booth to promote your home business and get the best results possible. Booth set up tips to increase your lead results.

What Makes A Great Leader?!

Phyllis O'neill
Learn what makes a great leader by the great leader, Phyllis O'neill. A direct sales success story shares what she looks for in her team.

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