Save Tax Dollars On Personal Trips

With diligence and awareness you can save tax dollars by deducting some of your personal travel expenses from your taxes when you have a home business.

Laugh At Sales Bloopers!

norma miniaci
Sales bloopers happen but Norma Miniaci still kicked her first party off with a bang and went on to a successful business! Read funny story!

Always Use The Positive Spin!

Jennifer Strohmaier puts a positive spin on an unfortunate situation. Read the funny story and listen to the radio show broadcast about the funny story.

Have You Ever Thought About Doing What I Do?

Have you ever thought about doing what I do? is a simple question that when asked at the right moment will give you LOTS of recruit leads!

Get More Bookings: Catalog & Fundraising Events

home party catalog
The way to Get More Bookings During Catalog & Fundraising Events is to host coach. Talk about it with the hostess and organizer and make it happen!

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