Use Football Program Ads: Samples

The football program ads are affordable and will bring home party business more exposure in the community. Read sample program ads for your home business.

Booth Set Up: DOs & DON’Ts

How To Follow Up On Trade Show
Learn how to set up a display booth to promote your home business and get the best results possible. Booth set up tips to increase your lead results.

What Makes A Great Leader?!

Phyllis O'neill
Learn what makes a great leader by the great leader, Phyllis O'neill. A direct sales success story shares what she looks for in her team.

Does Family Respect Your Business?

Family Respect Your Business
Why should family respect your business when you don't? Treat your home party business with the respect it deserves and your family will too! Read how!

Team Customer Service Calls – They Are Customers Too!

team customer service
Learn how to make team customer service calls to find out the information you want and also serve their needs! They are your customers too!

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