New Consultant Training Momentum

Learn how to conduct new consultant training and get your team members off to a great start so that they take action immediately. Action = Retention!

Organize Your Thoughts At Conference

Organize Your Thoughts
Learn How To Organize Your Thoughts From Conference! Take 30 minutes and make a plan to Organize Your Thoughts so that you get the most out of your conference attendance and education! Create Momentum!

10 Reasons To Attend A Conference

meeting theme incentives
There are many reasons to attend a conference but the most important is that the momentum you get will more than justify conference attendance. Read why!

Teach Recruiting The Same As Sales!

ideal sales rep
Learn how to leverage your time and Teach Recruiting as you teach the sales training from day one! Leverage your time when you Teach Recruiting.

What Is A Direct Sales Red Flag?

Red Flag
A direct sales red flag is a moment in time when your lead gives you a hint that they may be interested in your opportunity. Read the list!