The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It Is Not About You
The Gift That Keeps On Giving Team Training: Use this recruiting training as a team meeting activity so that your group gives The Gift That Keeps On Giving to their friends and your team grows!

Script The Show Open – A Powerful Start

direct sales consultant
Make a plan, write a party script to open show with enthusiasm. Start your home party with excitement to keep the guests engaged and book more parties!

Janice Cherlet & The Bookings Mindset

Janice Cherlet
When you have the bookings mindset you will find more bookings at every party. Listen to Janice Cherlet and get more bookings at every event.

Don’t Wait For Small Business Saturday!

small business saturday
Support home business owner on Small business Saturday! Be a direct seller and buy direct selling! Add your link to the direct sales mall!

Make A Power Generator & Bring Your Own Electricity

Make a power generator and bring your own electricity to vendor events. Sue Kaup teaches you how Make power generator for vendor events and save money.