Party Is The Shop Window – Catalog Is The Store

the shop window
A home party is just the shop window to create desire for future shows. They will book a party so you bring an item they want to see to the next sho.

Take A Break To Give Yourself A Raise!

Time off is essential in all businesses and jobs. Read why you will give yourself a raise when you take a vacation or a break in the afternoon.

When A Company Closes Down: What Next?

When A Company Closes Down
Our sympathy goes out to Pink Papaya reps! Read what you should do when a company closes down. A company closing is traumatic for everyone. Learn what to do if it is your company and how to support them.

Coach The Hostess For ALL Type Parties

It is essential to coach the hostess or the organizer on all your events. Online or offline, fundraiser or speaking engagement coach the host to success.

Scott Robertson: May The Best Brand Win

Scott Robertson of the radio show 'May The Best Brand Win' shares how you can brand yourself as opposed to your company to grow your business.