The Purse Game To Play At Shows

Purse Game
The Purse Game is an effective recruiting or booking tool that is played throughout the whole party. Learn how to play the purse game.

Success In Sales Means A Commitment To The Hill

success in sales
Make commitment to achieve success in sales. Watch a fun ski video & see what successful work at home consultants do to have success in sales!

Use The 3 Foot Rule For Leads

The 3 Foot Rule For Leads
When you use the 3 foot rule to start conversations you will find leads while you run errands. Listen to the radio & make it work for you in 3 minutes per lead!

Birthday Coupons For Bookings

birthday coupons
Take advantage of the free PR when wishing your friends in Facebook happy birthday with these custom birthday coupons. Find online & offline parties!

See The Window Of Opportunity!

Window Of Opportunity
A Window Of Opportunity is a moment in time that you should offer them something! Learn How to use a compliment as a Window Of Opportunity to market!

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