Promote With Bookmarks – Donate

bookmark marketing
When you promote with bookmarks by donating to the local library you become part of the greater community and find bookings! Imagine your name in every household!

2 Holiday Sales Tips: Cards

Video thumbnail for youtube video Deb Bixler's Direct Selling Consultant Holiday Dance
These Holiday Sales Tips will make certain that your business thrives and you get your business message out, save taxes and share the festivities!

Host A Holiday VIP Party – Listen!

In direct sales the holiday cut off can mean no sales. That does not have to be the case. Learn how to host a Host A Holiday VIP Party to keep cash flowing.

Fill Income Gap December – January

after holiday sales
Learn what you can do to fill that income gap over the holidays. Don't just sit back... take action and create income during the down time.

Say This Not That….

say this not that
Read examples of what to say. A simple say this not that exercise in word choices will get you on track and bring more party plan business your way.

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