Share A Funny Business Story & Win!

Tell us a funny business story that is happened to you in your home party plan business and win a $97 prize package and a guest appearance on the radio!

Radio Show The Avenue Of Bookings

The Avenue Of Bookings
Deb Bixler shares how you can use The Avenue Of Bookings to fill your calendar by appealing to more personalities with different home party formats.

Plan A Progressive Party To Fill A Slow Month

A progressive party treasure chest is fun and guaranteed to fill your calendar in those slow and hard to fill months. Learn how to fill any month!

Overcome Challenges – Strive For Skill

Overcome Challenges by creating an affirmation around it. Seek acceptance rather than patience. Use the solution to overcome the challenge!

Don’t Throw Leads In The Trash!

Learn the signs of wasting leads so that you don't throw leads in the trash! Business leads are like cash in the bank! Don't waste business leads!

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