Do An Awesome Party Show Tally!

show tally
Use a party show tally to explain the hostess benefits the day of the show and your sales will sky rocket! Use a party show tally to incentivize the host.

Angela Cossey, Intimo Success Story

Angela Cossey, Intimo
Angela Cossey is an Intimo distributor who changed her life with her home party business. Learn how a New Zealand army vet became a bra sales consultant!

Networking Games To Connect Team

direct sales team connections
Plan Long Distance Direct Sales Team Training Meetings by connecting your team through networking games that create friendships and improve team retention.

Thank You For Coming To Our Party = Bookings

thank you for coming
30% of those you call to say thank you for coming to our event will book a party! Learn how to make a habit of tapping into thank you phone calls for bookings!

How To Increase Sales At Party

increase home party plan sales
Learn how to increase sales at every presentation with 6 simple training tips & techniques. Make more money every time you leave the house!

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