Plan On 25% Cancellation Rate!

In order to have a consistent party plan business you MUST over-book! Use the average cancellation rate for the industry and always have a great month!

Everyone Should Go To Sales Rally – Sweepstakes Winners

Sales Rally
Read the many benefits of attending your company's Sales Rally. Tell us what you have learned or plan to get out of attending. Read the sweepstakes pick of best quotes!

Use Tear Off Flyers & Find Bookings!

tear off flyer
Tear off fliers offering free samples will generate bookings for your home party business! See sample of tear off flyer for pull tab marketing campaign.

Analyze Your Product Line

analyze your product line
When you Analyze Your Product Line you will get more bang for your buck at every home party! Analyze Your Product Line to determine where to put your focus.

Create Business Momentum For Self-Perpetuating Business

Business Momentum
Learn how to create Business Momentum in your party plan business. Find out what it takes to make your business self-perpetuate and get easier!

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