8 Orders Before The Show

before show
When you act as if it is normal to have orders before the show both at online and LIVE home parties then you will! Make more money at each event!

Learn Qualities Of A Good Networker

Qualities Of A Good Networker
Learn what makes a good networker to xplode your leads and results from your networking efforts. Apply the qualities of a good networker for results!

Team Meeting Theme: Planting Seeds

team meeting themes
Planting seeds for the future AKA the Johnny Appleseed Team Meeting Theme is a great hands on theme that will keep your team coming back!

Online SEO For Direct Sellers

Karen Clark
Listen to the Cash Flow Show Radio as Deb Bixler & Karen Clark discuss online SEO for direct sellers. Learn 3 simple criteria that will bring you to page 1.

The SHOW In CFS = Sales After Show (#3)

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Are you willing to incorporate these tips and ideas for sales after show into your party plan business? Create a moving train & It will never stop paying!