How To Work If Too Busy To Work

too busy too work
Learn How To Work At Home When You Are Too Busy To Work. If everyone is pulling you in every direction it may be time to regroup!

5 Quick Sales Tips

sales tips
Learn simple sales tips that will keep the focus on your leads so that you close more and make more money!

Say This Not That….

Read examples of what to say. A simple say this not that exercise in word choices will get you on track and bring more party plan business your way.

Another Company Closes Down: What Next?

When A Company Closes Down
Our sympathy goes out to Wildtree and Chloe + Isabel reps! Read what you should do when a company closes down. A company closing is traumatic for everyone. Learn what to do if it is your company and how to support them.

Theme Parties Increase Sales & Bookings

home party Theme Shows
Learn theme parties that will increase home show sales, create urgency for bookings and make the event more fun but not be any extra work for you!

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