Theme Parties Increase Sales & Bookings

home party Theme Shows
Learn theme parties that will increase home show sales, create urgency for bookings and make the event more fun but not be any extra work for you!

Survey Says… Most Are Not Willing!

Fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and motivation issues make many direct sellers not willing to do what it takes to succeed. Listen to the radio and learn how to overcome this.

Make Plan To Promote & You Will!

Plan To Promote
Make sure that your promotion happens by making a plan. Plan To Promote with an organized system of proactive actions that will keep you on track all year.

Considerations When Planning Team Incentives

Incentive Trip
Learn the 11 considerations when planning a team incentive so that you don't break the bank. Planning a sales team incentive takes time and consideration. Make on that actually incentivizes!!

Do An Awesome Party Show Tally!

show tally
Learn how to use party show tally to explain the hostess benefits the day of the show. Your sales & bookings will sky rocket! Use party show tally to incentivize host.

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