The Million Dollar Party Girl

Lynn Bardowski
The Million Dollar Party Girl and Deb Bixler both quit their full time corporate job to transition into the party plan business. Listen to them on the radio share lead generation tips.

Use Customer Loyalty Cards For Home Party Business

customer loyalty card
Customer Loyalty Cards can be a boom for bookings in home businesses. Put a plan in place to incorporate customer loyalty cards to increase bookings!

4 Question Interview For Recruiting Direct Sellers

4 Question Interview
Incorporate this 4 question interview into your home business and you will eliminate recruiting follow up by recruiting now not later.

Rocket Recruiting: Recruit by Leading With Tax Savings

rocket recruiting
Eric Tippitts shares his Rocket Recruiting app on the Cash Flow Show Radio - Listen how to lead with the tax savings and recruit people on the spot!

How To Use The Feel Felt Found Method

what is the feel felt found method
Feel Felt Found examples and scripts. Incorporate Feel Felt Found techniques into you scripts to improve home business recruiting results.

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