Create A Time Spending Plan

When you write a time spending plan you will become more productive in your home office and better at conducting follow up.

The Secret – How To Get To Yes

how to get to yes
Watch a video on how to get to yes in sales. A 4 step system that will give you the secret to more yeses! You will hear yes more often, guaranteed!

How To Qualify Leads At Expos

qualify leads at fairs and expos
Learn how to qualify leads so that you bring home real business leads from fairs and expos rather than a bunch of contacts that never answer their phone.

Infomercial Techniques Sell!!

infomercial techniques
Learn how to use Infomercial Techniques at your show presentation to keep the audience interested. They will spend more money! Infomercial Techniques sell!

Upselling And Cross Selling To Increase Profit

Increase sales with an Upsell at Checkout. Upselling vs cross selling - Learn how to use them both to increase your home party sales.

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