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The Bookings Mindset – Get 3+ Bookings At Every Event (Through 12/13)

Deb continues sharing about the 63 things you can do at a party to increase bookings. Guest, Janice Cherlet talks about developing your bookings mindset.

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Presentation Skills #5
How to incorporate the power of the infomercial into your party to increase sales, recruits and bookings.

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Hey Deb, WOW! It sure was a great call and I can’t wait for the next one. I did forward to our entire cluster and hope they get as much out of it as I did. You are the BOMB! I have so many notes so thanks so much, it was really great.
Debby Lewis Truitt, Independent Director w/ the Pampered Chef

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It was a great training event for me, very informative, as well as reiterating important information giving to me by our company. I believe this will really help to keep me on track to building a better home based business. Thanks for refocusing me to stay on track!
Cyndi Warwick, Southern Living at HOME