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LIVE 10/8 & Daily Through 10/21:
The Leaders’ Super Starter Tips

Each set on this Cash Flow Show Radio broadcast will feature a different direct sales leader and their quick tips on getting new team members off to a great start! 4 different companies, 4 different leaders, 4 tips!

LIVE 10/22 & Daily Through 11/11:
Bookings Games & Actions To Fill January!

2 of our guests this week will share the BOOKING games that they use to fill their calendar and our third guest along with Deb will discuss how to set yourself up for a GREAT 2015!

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Hey Deb, WOW! It sure was a great call and I can’t wait for the next one. I did forward to our entire cluster and hope they get as much out of it as I did. You are the BOMB! I have so many notes so thanks so much, it was really great.
Debby Lewis Truitt, Independent Director w/ the Pampered Chef

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It was a great training event for me, very informative, as well as reiterating important information giving to me by our company. I believe this will really help to keep me on track to building a better home based business. Thanks for refocusing me to stay on track!
Cyndi Warwick, Southern Living at HOME