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The world of home business and direct sales is an income earning opportunity that can pay off big time.

At the Cash Flow Show we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to start their own home based business regardless of financial ability to buy the starter kit.

In 2017 and future years we will be awarding 2 business scholarships per year! (Get The Code To link To This Page)

Cash Flow Show Business Scholarship Program

The Cash Flow Show business scholarship program will provide (up to*) 2 annual scholarships.

Each one will be an award of (up to*) $500 to be used for advancement in the field of business and/or entrepreneurial-ism.

This program is targeted to assist 2 types of people with financial need:

  1. Direct sales entrepreneurs who cannot afford the start-up kit.
  2. College students in a technical or business field.

Since direct sales is our passion here at the Cash Flow Show and starting a work at home business is all about timing and launching your business with passion we will give scholarships for those applying for financial aid in buying their kit prompt and immediate attention.

direct sales company: business scholarships

The Direct Sales Entrepreneurs Scholarship:

A kit will be purchased for an individual who would like to start a home party business.

To be considered for this scholarship the entrepreneur must show financial hardship, have an accredited direct sales company selected, and have the first 6 home party bookings dated on their calendar for the future.

Wanna-be direct sellers, please read the rest of the page, then fill out this entrepreneur scholarship form to apply for a kit scholarship.

Business Scholarships For College Students

A $500 scholarship to a graduating high school senior or current college freshman.

To be considered for this scholarship, the student must have a cumulative GPA above 3.0, must either be graduating high school or completing his or her first year of college, and must be enrolled in an accredited two or four year institution of higher learning in a technical or business related field.

The acceptable college scholarship applicant will also be contributing to his or her financial situation by being employed at least part time while attending school.

College students, please read the rest of the page, then use the business scholarship application form.

Apply To Business Scholarship

All interested students/entrepreneurs must submit a 400-800 word essay on one of the following topics:

  • This is what I plan to do with my life as a result of my education!
  • As a result of joining MyDirectSalesCompany of choice my life will be improved because….
  • Commitment is the key to success and I will succeed because….

We will make up to 2 selections/awards per year at our discretion.  All funds will be paid directly to the direct sales company or educational institution.

  1. Just fill out the appropriate application above
  2. Include all the necessary documents specified in the “other documentation” section of the application
  3. Send signed application and other documents by email to: scholarships@DebBixler.com or mail to: Middlebrook Road, Middlebrook, VA 24459

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College students may want to consider starting a home party business to earn income while going to college!

Link to this page from your business college scholarship page or your direct sales company’s corporate site. Share the page with your leaders so that they are aware that this resource is available!

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