Turn Your Website Into An App | Download CFS App

On this page you will learn how easy it is to turn your website into an app and/or you can download this website’s app to your mobile.
Imagine YOUR direct sales affiliate site on ALL your consumers’ devices!

The Cash Flow Show app was made (almost instantly) using AppNotch technology.

We have been working with AppNotch to make arrangements for AppNotch to be affordable and available to all direct sellers.
turn your website into an app
Whether you are a leader, a field consultant or a direct sales company the benefits of using this replicated mobile app technology are massive!

  • Fast and easy to build and deploy single or multiple mobile apps
  • Save months of time and thousands of dollars in development
  • AFFORDABLE per distributor monthly fees
  • Appeal to virtual natives – this is how the millennials shop
  • Field consultant personally branded as well as corporate branding
  • Easier and more convenient access for reorders
  • Easy for consumer to find you – no more searching online
  • Push notice communication to clients with link for action
  • Phone number and email at consumers’ fingertips
  • Your affiliate site is exactly as presented online – totally compliant
  • Linking to field distributor’s personal social sites

Turn Your Website Into An App

MobileAppYou can turn your website into an app with no set up fees at these monthly rates:

  • As an individual with one website using the CFS discount: $21.50 PaPm*
  • As a company or a team leader who joins personally then shares the app technology with their large downline team: $10 PaPm*
  • As a corporation who signs on on the corporate level to offer it to their entire field: $6-10 PaPm*

*PaPm = Per App Per Month: These estimated monthly fees are variable based on many factors such as size of company or team, number of apps commissioned as well as individual corporate needs.

Make your own preview by visiting AppNotch or we will create an app using your website and send you a preview.

Visit AppNotch and take the discount code with you: cashflow

App-A-Tize My Website – Send A Preview

Download The Cash Flow Show App – FREE!

Put the Cash Flow Show website on your Smartphone or tablet with the Cash Flow Show app!

The Cash Flow Show app is like any other app on your phone – every time we post a new article you will get a notification. You can then check it out right on your phone or tablet without going to the website.

Visit your app store and search for the Cash Flow Show app on your mobile device or click here!