"Strategies For Home Business" Posts

Learn how to achieve success with home party plan strategies. Systems for home based businesses.

5 Quick Sales Tips

sales tips
Learn simple sales tips that will keep the focus on your leads so that you close more and make more money!

Say This Not That….

Read examples of what to say. A simple say this not that exercise in word choices will get you on track and bring more party plan business your way.

Make Plan To Promote & You Will!

Plan To Promote
Make sure that your promotion happens by making a plan. Plan To Promote with an organized system of proactive actions that will keep you on track all year.

Use Customer Loyalty Cards For Home Party Business

customer loyalty card
Customer Loyalty Cards can be a boom for bookings in home businesses. Put a plan in place to incorporate customer loyalty cards to increase bookings!

How To Use The Feel Felt Found Method

what is the feel felt found method
Feel Felt Found examples and scripts. Incorporate Feel Felt Found techniques into you scripts to improve home business recruiting results.

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