Belinda Ellsworth On The Radio

We were excited to have the industry legend Belinda Ellsworth on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio last night! (June 10th, 2015)
Belinda Ellsworth
With the Direct Selling Association’s Ethos Award honoring her last month, the timing could not be better!

Belinda has influenced thousands of direct sales consultants around the world, including ME!

The very first training event I attended when joining my party plan company was that of Belinda Ellsworth!

You do not want to miss these remarkable tips from her 20th Anniversary 25 City Tour!

Listen to the first set here 24/7 and/or visit the Radio show page to check the schedule & listen to the full version through 6/23/15.

Step Into Success

Belinda Ellsworth, like me, is all about systems!

Her Step Into Success systems have changed over the years but the key concepts are the same!

  • Goals setting
  • Time management
  • Bookings
  • Selling
  • Recruiting

Even though technology and society changes the basic core of all direct sales, success stays the same!

The cornerstone of a successful business is goal-setting because productivity aligns strongly with reaching your goals.

In the past only 20% of those surveyed actually had goals but now it is more like 13%.

Due to social media people have been more and more conscious of failure!

This fear of failure causes a paralyzing affect because of constant comparing.  You have got to put yourself out there and if your goal does not work, then, like a GPS – recalculate and keep going!

Go To Belinda Ellsworth Event

I strongly recommend that you take advantage of the Belinda Ellsworth’s 20th Anniversary Tour! It is FREE and offers TONS of great training in one night!!

Visit Step Into Success and learn more about Belinda Ellsworth!

One of the interesting tips I took away from the 20th Anniversary Tour was her statistics on the “Thank You For Coming To The Party Call“.

I always knew that they were effective but she has the numbers to prove it!

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