Write Your Home Party Plan Scripts

A common topic that I have recently been asked to speak on is how to approach people.

At first I was not really sure what people meant by that and upon further questioning it was revealed that they were looking for home party plan scripts.

Scripts are an important component of all successful businesses.

A Home Party Plan Script Makes Life Easier

A script is not a rule it is a guide….

Whether you are interested in approaching people about your products, opportunity or services the technique is the same.

The real dilemma that consultants have is how to open the conversation and also what to say.

When out and about, the goal should be to develop relationships not to market your wares.
The Home Party Plan Scripts Ebook
When you become friends with people everywhere you go, even if it is just in the moment… you will get the opportunity to serve their needs.

When you write a home party plan script you become more fluent in conversation!

Open the conversation by:

  • Smiling with Big Smiles at everyone!
  • Complimenting them (jewelry, clothes, kids)
  • Asking about something they are wearing
  • Asking a question about their purchase, etc.

Sales is service, so shift your focus from selling to serving and just try to make some new friends. You will then be able to serve the needs of the people you meet by developing relationships using the 10 Second Rule.

Everyone will not want to be your friend and that is OK.

Write Your Home Party Plan Scripts

Working from a script does not mean that you are robotic or not able to go with the flow. When you write your party plan script for different conversations it just means you have a plan.

A home party plan script is always a work in progress because once you write it and start using it you will always be fine tuning the script into something better.

  • Are you always wondering what to say next?
  • Do you have trouble turning a casual conversation into a lead?
  • What do you say when you are making a cold call?

The Little Golden Book Of Direct Sales Scripts is a series of proven scripts that work in any direct sales business!

home party plan scriptsOnly $17 Includes Words To Use & Audio Training!

This is a “talking” electronic book. That means that it includes all the scripts that any home business owner may need as well as an audio recording of how to use them.

When you take the time to learn how to write your home party plan scripts your business will boom!


    Shared by: Karen Rowe:

    I’m not going to miss another show. You make it easy to follow along, easy to implement and your action steps get you moving in the right direction. Thank you.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      My pleasure, Karen – glad you like it!

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