Use Customer Loyalty Cards For Home Party Business

When you own your own home party business, retaining customers, hostesses and team members is vital for future profits and healthy growing business.

How can you reward your customers and business associates for sticking with your products and services over the years?

How To Use Customer Loyalty Cards In Party Plan Business

customer loyalty cardGenerally, in the home party plan business customers and hostesses tend to be more loyal to their friends than their consultant.

Using the typical retail customer loyalty card in a creative manner can generate similar results in the home business model.

Customer loyalty cards are a terrific way to tell your return customers you appreciate their business and that you want them to keep coming back. When it comes to the direct sales business, you want all your best customers to know you care about them, and a customer loyalty card is a wonderful way to make your customers feel like they have a real investment in your business beyond the money they spend.

Customers love to feel like they belong to something, which is why even commercial businesses, like common grocery stores, use customer loyalty cards.

A customer loyalty card tells your customers that not only do you appreciate their business, but that you want to give them an incentive to return.

Whether you do a loyalty card that gives your customers discounts or give a card that allows them access to your product and service first, you tell your customers that they are special to you and you want to reward them for choosing you over your competitors over the years.

Types Of Loyalty Cards For Home Business Consultants

customer loyaltyThere are a lot of different types of customer loyalty cards that can be used in the home party plan business. Be creative when thinking about creating customer loyalty cards.

What do you want to accomplish and who do you want to accomplish it with?

You could create a loyalty card for your consultants, hostesses, or customers. The goal is to make an incentive for them to be loyal to you or to your idea.

  • Punches for spending a certain amount of money
  • Punches for every show they host with you
  • Punches for every team meeting a consultant attends

Those are just a few ideas so start brainstorming. After you have a few ideas find a local or online company that can put them together for you. They are not expensive!

With a quick search I found that Vista Print offers 250 cards for only $9.99.

Loyalty Value

The value of customer loyalty is that they keep coming back.

A customer doesn’t have to be the highest paying in your direct sales business to be worthy of a customer loyalty card.

A consultant does not have to be a top achiever.

They can be a first-time customer/hostess or consultant. Give them as incentives or as a thank you from your business for choosing you for their needs and wants.

When you treat each and every paying and potential customer like royalty, you will likely receive their patronage in the future. A happy customer is one who knows that you recognize and appreciate their efforts to keep you in business, even if the services or products they use aren’t the most expensive.

Another great reason to have a customer loyalty card available for your customers is the great word of mouth that they will likely spread to their friends and family.

A happy customer not only returns, but they bring their friends with them, which means more customers for you without the cost of marketing and advertising.

One loyal customer you reward fairly can lead to another, which is wonderful for your direct sales business now and in the future.

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