Customer Relationship Management Techniques

Customer relationship management systems come in a wide variety of forms.

An example is the customer loyalty cards that I would guess your wallet is undoubtedly stuffed with!

There are paper punch cards, plastic store rewards cards, direct mail and emailed marketing promotions with special offers, coupons, and more.

It is easier and more profitable to generate business from repeat customers than to look for new ones.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Customer relationship management is the act of managing your interactions with customers. This is both current and future customers.  Generally, a good customer relationship management program will ensure repeat business!

There are many techniques that will generate repeat business.  You should incorporate some strategies that will generate repeat business year-round.

  • Create incentives to keep them buying
  • Offer Product Purchase Discounts
  • Create Coupons & Product Club Cards
  • Offer discounted Product Bundles for special value buys
  • Offer a future Savings Coupon to redeem on their next order
  • Offer Free Shipping on orders
  • Customer Drawing Promotions
  • Create your own Promotional Sales & Special Offers

Create a Customer Relationship Management System Of Calls

Using a regular system of customer centric customer care calls for you business to stay in touch with your clients is one of the most effective systems for relationship management.

  • Polish your Customer Service Skills
  • Make customer service a priority
  • Send personalized Thank You cards
  • Do Customer Care Phone Calls
  • Make Personal Customer Visits
  • Send personalized Postcard Sale Reminders
  • Schedule Customer Order Follow-up Calls
  • Practice Relationship marketing
  • Make Customer Referral Calls
  • Create Marketing Tools for Customer Referrals
  • Create a Customer Rewards Program
  • Have your Marketing Plan in place for the new year

A face-to-face thank you can go a long way in building and maintaining good customer relations with your customers.  Consider adding customer appreciation parties to your repertoire of events.

Alternately, if you have an important customer, stop by his/her office with cookies or candy or host a small lunch with a few of your best customers. Customer appreciation will keep them coming back to you.

Other Customer Relationship Management Tips

  • Up-selling: Maintaining your current customers costs less and yields significantly higher revenue than marketing to new prospects. To build sales, use direct marketing, including e-mail and direct mail, to offer special promotions to your customer base throughout the year.
  • Ask for referrals: Do you rely on referral services to send business your way? It’s not enough to simply call on your referral prospects. You must also create a group of marketing tools for your referral sources to use with your prospective customers. Suppose your business is a health care company. By supplying brochures and other materials to hospital workers to give to patients requiring at-home care following a hospital stay, you’d ensure that your complete information got through to your most qualified prospects
  • Rewards: Build excitement by letting customers know exactly what rewards they can expect and how they can earn them.  For example, suppose you were shopping online, and one site promised future savings if you signed up for a rewards program, but it didn’t convey exactly what you might earn, while a second site offered a gift with purchase at enrollment and a bonus with every third buy. Wouldn’t you find the site with the clear rewards more enticing?
  • Offer graduated customer rewards: To stimulate maximum participation in your program, make your rewards readily obtainable–and graduate them so that you transform a higher percentage of your database from low-value to high-value customers. Graduated rewards can also energize sales of your higher-priced items, including those that customers might otherwise consider out of reach.
  • Provide in-kind rewards: What would compel customers who earned rewards to come back and buy from you (rather than another company): two free movie tickets, or 20 percent off on their next purchase? The bonus on their next purchase would bring them back to make a subsequent purchase. It would also make the program itself more memorable because the reward would be associated directly with your product. Best of all, the 20 percent discount would represent real value from the customer’s perspective, while your cost would be minimal.

Create an ongoing communications plan will create home business customers who are loyal to your sales business.

Frequent customer communication is key to forming and maintaining good relationships with your customers.

Follow the example of major online and off-line retailers by communicating often and sending follow-up mailings or emails after each purchase. There are many direct sellers out there so it is important to stay in communication!


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    Thank you for all your great posts. Some ideas I never thought of but will try for sure. love this one on the customer punch cards.

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