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Client Angel software is a contact management system and the follow up tool of choice for the direct sales community.

Below is an excerpt of a past interview with Client Angel founder, Jennifer Fitzgerald.

Jennifer Fitzgerald

The Client Angel  gives you a system of follow up and office organization that will catapult your business success.

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Ever wonder why some consultants have such ease when it comes to picking up the phone and contacting customers while others think of every reason not to?

The secret may be easier than you think!

It is not hard at all and in fact women do it naturally on a daily basis.

Want to know what it is?????

Become your customer’s friend!

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It IS that simple. Don’t you agree that you can call your girlfriends with no problem?

Follow up callsAs women, we innately form friendships with people we meet.

Here are some ideas on how to become your customer’s friends:

  • Start off asking the questions at your shows when taking their orders. Ask them their birthday, if they are married then ask their anniversary, how many children they have, what hobbies do they love to do?
  • For customers you have had for a while, give them a quick call or shoot them an e-mail to see how they are doing with your product. Then ask them some questions once the dialog begins. DO NOT sell them anything. This is so crucial. For this conversation, just get to know them and make them feel like your friend.
  • Use POOF: Passion, outside activities, occupation, family.

Now that you have this information log it somewhere.

What ever your system is, how ever you organize your customers, put those notes in about them.

Use these tidbits for when you contact them again.

  1. Send them a card on their birthday or anniversary
  2. Send them an e-mail article about a hobby they love
  3. Ask them how their kids are doing in their activities

Jennifer fitzgeraldIt is easier than you think to become friends with your customers.

Not only will you feel great for learning more about them, you are developing friends as well making you more fulfilled.

As a bonus, these customers are more likely to buy from you and refer you to people they know. Now, go out there, build relationships with your customers and watch your business SOAR.

The Client Angel System Of Contact Management

Jen Fitzgerald is the owner of The Client Angel a direct selling contact management system.

She has made it her mission to help direct sales consultants see the benefits of building relationships with their customers.

The Client Angel is the tool of choice for the direct selling community. It is used in conjunction with companies’ websites to catapult business success while giving women the organization they crave and the reminders they need to stay on top of their customers’ lives.

Try the Client Angel by visiting: Jennifer Fitzgerald’s Website.


    Shared by: Mary Hulett:

    I agree with Jen completely. Developing customer rapport is so important. Sending them a card at their birthday, anniversary, holiday is so helpful at developing this rapport. Develop the rapport first and the sales will follow.

    Shared by: Jane:

    Love this blog entry, Deb. Thanks for posting.

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