Good Ground Floor Opportunity?

A new “ground floor opportunity” that I consulted with several years back was Esio Beverages.

They were in the process of starting their own direct sales company as a division of the Esio Beverage water distribution brand.

Esio is the largest bottled water company in Arizona.  Their Drop and Drink technology made Esio the perfect system of dispensing beverages to an active family with a variety of beverage tastes.

It seemed like the perfect party plan business model!

Sounds good, right?!

Home Party Plan Company

Ground Floor Opportunity: Good Or Bad?

In direct sales and MLM we often hear about “getting in on the ground floor” which means being one of the first few consultants.

While collaborating on the Esio project I often thought about that.

It is always fun to see a direct sales business that is truly a ground floor opportunity. I wondered what the very first show was like 30 years ago for some of the established direct sales companies!

Had you joined Pampered Chef, Thirty-One Gifts or Avon as a ground floor opportunity and stuck with it… WOW – you’d be in the money NOW!

Many of the direct sales giants were started almost by accident.

Moms who wanted to create income without leaving the kids had no idea how many lives were going to be impacted by their efforts.

Imagine being the very first representative for a company who now has gone on to achieve what Mary Kay has achieved!

Hannah, the first consultant with Esio, was in a position of massive potential, provided the company’s party plan division prospered over the next few years.

Good Ground Floor Opportunity?

Home party plan companies are starting up every day.

When you get in on the ground floor of a new company, do you really have the potential to do what these established companies have done?

Learn more about how to pick a home party business from the consultant level. It is important that you pick a company that will still be here in the future!

That depends on the company. I am sure that for as many successful home party companies there are these days, there are twice as many that have failed.

Here are the questions to ask when joining any party plan company and especially a new company:

  • How long has the company been in business? This is important for many reasons including all of those that follow. Like Esio, is the party plan a new branch of a well-established company, or is it a lonely vision starting out in someone’s garage?
  • Does the start up company have the financial ability to stay afloat? New companies in any business need the working capital to make it through the rough times which are guaranteed to happen. Companies with cash flow from other sources are likely to get through bad times.
  • What kind of support is offered to the sales representatives? At this point, Esio Beverage’s party plan division is a work in progress. The very fact that they hired me to teach them the ropes and train their first 100 consultants shows that they are committed to team training and support.
  • Does the company have an internet presence and is it open to consultant interaction? The internet is here to stay. Any company that does not embrace the internet will not be in existence in ten years.
  • Is the company committed to branding and marketing on all levels? A company which is starting out of someone’s garage is not going to provide the branding that is required in today’s marketplace.
  • Is the structural support in place to grow? Again, Mom and Pop start ups are usually cute, but do they have the staff and structure in place to support the growth in customer service as well as sales consultant service?
  • Is it a viable product? I have been contacted by many people starting home party plans with niche type products which may have some appeal on some levels. Is the product line supported by the manufacturer? Has it been tested? What kind of warranties are there?

Ground floor opportunities are only good if the floor does not fall out from under you after a couple of months or years.

Esio Beverages seemed to have the financial backing to go the long term…..

Ground Floor Opportunities Only Work If The Ground Does Not Fall Out!

Esio Beverages discontinued their party plan division after a year or so of trial and error. If the ground falls out from under you a ground floor opportunity is not an opportunity.

Be careful, do your research and think carefully when joining any party plan company to ensure that it will meet your needs on a long term basis.

(I love Esio Beverages. I still have their beverage dispenser in my house and yet they did not turn out to be a good choice to jump in on the ground floor.)

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