Holiday Networking: Julie On Radio

Julie Fry, Chief Operating Mom at Business Among Moms, was the guest on this week’s radio show. Broadcasting daily through 12/23, the topic was the do’s and don’ts of networking.

You can listen to the first set below which focuses on holiday networking tips that you can put into action over the next couple of weeks.

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Holiday Networking Tips

Holiday NetworkingDuring the holidays is the perfect time to make new business contacts. There are many holiday networking opportunities that take place while you enjoy the social activities of the holidays!

From participating as a vendor or as a guest in the many holiday events such as bazaars, church activities, school vendor shows as well as  business and office parties, make sure you have a plan to NET-WORK while you have fun!

  • Be realistic: Don’t burn yourself out!
  • Be Genuine: Networking is about building relationships.
  • Start Light: I like your sweater!
  • Be Mindful: What do you want to accomplish at the event?

Full Holiday Networking Show Broadcasts 2 Weeks

Remember that you MUST enjoy the holidays but you cannot take the whole month off!

Do something… anything for your business during the down time!

Julie Fry’s full interview will broadcast daily through 12/22 at this schedule:

Mon: 7 AM PST | 8 AM MST | 9 AM CST | 10 AM EST
Tues: Noon PST | 1 PM MST | 2 PM CST | 3 PM EST
Wed: 5 PM PST | 6 PM MST | 7 PM CST | 8 PM EST
Thurs: 5 AM PST | 6 AM MST | 7 AM CST | 8 AM EST
Fri: 3 PM PST | 4 PM MST | 5 PM CST | 6 PM EST
Sat: 5 PM PST | 6 PM MST | 7 PM CST | 8 PM EST
Sun: 3 AM PST | 4 AM MST | 5 AM CST | 6 AM EST

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