Make Plan To Promote In 2017

Do you plan to promote in 2017?

When you treat your business with professionalism you will get professional results.

Start your year with a plan that guides you to a promotion this year.

A Plan To Promote

The key word here is PLAN!

All successful businesses plan for their goals and work at home distributors should be no different!
Plan To Promote (Photo: Deb Climbing Mt Fuji 2016)

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In the corporate world this is the time of year that plans are made.

Chances are if you have a job with a company where you go to work every day and get a paycheck, they are deep in the process of creating their corporate plan right now!

All successful businesses have a strategic plan for success that includes:

  1. An Action & Outcome-Based Marketing Plan: What does it take to promote to the next level? Include in your business plan the steps necessary to make that happen! For example, recruit two new distributors per month means you must have four distributor interviews, means you must talk to ten people per month about the opp, means you have 12 recruiting packets prepared each month!That should be part of your marketing plan!!Read more about how to make an action-based direct sales marketing plan and read samples.
  2. A Proactive Annual Calendar Agenda: What activities do you perform regularly and which ones must be added to your agenda when you promote? Plan your year – when you work on the newsletter, when you have team meetings, what holidays or problems should you train your team to deal with proactively?A leader who plans their annual calendar will step up more quickly than one who does not. Read more about creating an annual calendar planning guide and download a template.
  3. A Plan For Customer Relationship Management: Direct sales is a service-based industry. You cannot willy-nilly manage your client base and expect to take on more responsibilities as a leader. After all, your team members are customers too! How do you manage your customer care? What is your team customer care technique? Customer management is key to creating a massive organization without being overwhelmed!! Learn more about customer management techniques.

A marketing plan maps out your goals and your course of action.
plan to promote
A calendar for the year allows you to proactively market and work your business.

Sales is service and when you are in the service industry you have a customer relationship management technique!

Incorporate these into your plan to promote and you WILL!

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