Business Resolutions For Big Impact

When we make New Year’s personal or business resolutions we often do not think realistically.

Why would we be able to change something just because it is a new year when to date it has been impossible to motivate ourselves to do so.

As we all know most New Year resolutions are usually forgotten before the end of January.

Make A Big Impact On Your Business

Rather than making a resolution that is impossible to keep, why not make one small change in your life that will make a big impact on your business.

I call this a big impact habit.
Business Resolution

So easy to do, in fact that we are able to do it every day for the rest of our lives, then compound interest takes over and makes a huge impact.

new years resolutionsAn example of a big impact habit that you may add to your list of personal New Year’s resolutions may be flossing your teeth.

A small habit that makes a big impact habit would be to floss your teeth every day.

Now this is pretty simple to do once or even twice.

As a matter of fact it is pretty simple to do for 50 days.

It takes 51 days to make a habit, so floss your teeth for 51 days and you will be doing it for the rest of your life.

This small habit will make a big impact on your health. (It is proven that flossing your teeth reduces your chance of many diseases in addition to preventing tooth decay and gingivitis.)

Improve Sales With Small Business Resolutions

One way to improve your sales business is to make a big impact habit for your business.

Instead of being over zealous and making a NY resolution that you can not keep, make one that will be so small that you can do it forever!

Like flossing your teeth it is so easy to do that you can do it every single day and then then will result in a huge impact to your business.

An example may be:

Big Impact Habit

  • 3 contacts per day no matter what

Three new contacts per day is simple, easy and do-able.  Now a much loftier goal may be 100 calls per month, but will you maintain it all year?!

Make your big impact habit something simple that you can keep doing on a long term basis.

Do it for 50 days and you will have a habit that will make a huge impact on your business!!

Imagine what it would do for your business if you made (only) 3 calls a day (no matter what) for the rest of your life!

What Is Your Direct Sales Business Resolution?

Please comment below on what your direct sales big impact habit will be for the upcoming year.

The first step in reaching your business resolution is to write it down so start below in the comment section!!


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