What Is A Sales Train?

When a Facebook fan asked me what my opinion of a sales train was I said…

What is a sales train?!

How Does A Sales Train Work

Actually, I guess I did know what a sales train was I had just never heard it called that.

A sales train is a group of direct sellers who form a pact to purchase from each other in a consecutive schedule. With the simplicity of a Facebook group it seems as though these types of collaborations are becoming more popular.

Prior to the FB group craze, a sales train was just an offline group of direct sales friends who bought from each other regularly.

We all just had an agreement to shop with each other for products that we needed or used instead of going to a retail location.

Nowadays a sales train is a bit more structured and yet might not be as useful because of the lack of personalization.

A group of distributors makes a commitment to buy product from the distributor in front of them in a train fashion.

sales train

The way it is supposed to work is that what goes around comes around again and sooner or later the caboose gets a sale too and the train continues around the track forever.

Are Sales Trains Beneficial?

My philosophy is to ‘be a direct seller and buy from direct sellers!

If everyone in the industry bought 10% of their monthly purchases from direct sales consultants rather than in a retail location imagine what it would do for the industry.

Sales trains are beneficial to the consultants because they support the industry, create monthly sales to meet quotas and may assist in earning incentives or trip points.

My thoughts on the sales train:

  • They are products you are going to buy anyway and if you CAN buy them from a direct seller then do it. Even if it is more expensive I would say buy them from a direct seller.
  • If you are buying things you cannot use and just doing so for the sake of the train then it is not to your advantage.
  • Take the purchases as an income tax deduction because it is a sales tool and business collaboration. (Talk to a tax professional.)

I have a category on my expense software for ‘business collaborations” and put a lot of purchases there – especially onetime buys like gifts that can be purchased from direct sellers as opposed to retail.

A sales train is NOT good if you are just buying for the sake of buying something, anything that you cannot use.

Online VS Offline Sales Groups

Personally, I believe that a small group of distributor friends offline can be far more effective in a reciprocal business purchasing arrangement than the current trend of online trains.

I know that some people find them ineffective because you can end up losing out if you are too far down the train on the list.

Sometimes you make a purchase, but never get the sales in return because the whole thing dies out before it comes back around to you

Christine Benko, South Hill Designs & Steeped Tea
So… short answer – provided it is something you will use and can deduct it from your taxes, then yes – It is a good thing!

Are you in a sales train? Share your comments below, please!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hey KH – I have a few articles on virtual games for Facebook or online parties that you may be able to adapt some how.

    This is the games category:

    There are a few for virtual events or long distance networking.
    That is really the issue with sales trains I think is that people lose interest. I think they work better offline with a group of closer friends.

    Shared by: KH:

    I have a party train group on facebook. just looking for ideas on games to play or ways to get people active and buying more on the group.

    Shared by: Christine Benko:

    Thanks for the info!

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