Say This Not That….

Say this, not that – a list of word choices that give you better results!

Your word choices are very powerful in your business success.

As we know positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

What we do not talk much about is that wishy-washy outcomes are a result of wishy-washy word choices.

Say This, Not That

Words or sentences like these leave the outcome questionable and therefore do not receive the successes that more positive words provide.

say this not that
Things not to say:

  • If you schedule a show…
  • I am calling to confirm…
  • Would you like to do a show for me?

This is what you should say:

  • When you schedule a show…
  • Checking in to see what you need…
  • When can I do a show for you?

Always speak in the positive, as if it is already a done deal or is definitely going to happen.

This takes practice but when you make it a habit to be positive and ask the questions that actually say what you really want… you will get it more often!

A classic example of a say this, not that scenario is calling a hostess who has had a show date on the calendar for a few months.

What to say:
“I am getting ready to send out the host packets for next month and I am calling to see how many catalogs you would like…”

What not to say:
“I am calling to confirm….”

Don’t imply that cancellation is an option… basically you have just told them that people DO cancel and it is an option.

Read more say this, not that examples in The Golden Book Of Party Plan Scripts!
how to start conversations

The same thing goes for the unresponsive hostess!

When you call and say: “I have not heard from you and am wondering if we are still on?” you are telling her that it is an option NOT to be on!

Never use words that open you up for what you do not want!

Even the unresponsive hostess should be coached via voicemail message using only words that make it clear you are coming.
“It is 2 weeks before our show, so now is the time to send the invitations.”
”Don’t forget to tell everyone to bring a guest and get a free gift!!”

Practice positive word choices for yourself, for your business and for your customers.

Say this:

  • When we have a show next month…
  • When you invite me to your house…
  • When you have this in your home…
  • This will make your life easier because…
  • You will enjoy the benefits of…
  • You are going to love this…
  • Your family will be impressed with your new…
  • Your friends will enjoy the…
  • At our show we will…
  • This is essential in any wardrobe.
  • No kitchen is complete without…
  • This is the single most popular item in my product line.
  • This will solve all your storage needs…
  • Our guests will be able to buy this at 25% off next month.
  • When you give me your email address I will send you my monthly healthy newsletter.
  • Sally is getting this for free!
  • This is one of Sally’s free gifts!
  • A new distributor earns $150-$300 per show.
  • When you host your show you will pick anything you want from the catalog!
  • This item will save you so much time and money….
  • This product will bring your family together at the dinner table.

Words are powerful so choose the ones that will attract what you want!

Say This, Not That

Never use words that include optional results: if, could, should, would, might, confirm….
Instead say: will, is, when, are….

Just like your thoughts…. your words predict the future!

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