Scott Robertson: May The Best Brand Win

I listened to Scott Robertson talk about branding on his radio show, May The Best Brand Win, when I was traveling home from a job last fall. I decided immediately that the Cash Flow Show Radio fans need to hear him!

Scott has more than 20 years of public relations and marketing experience with an extensive list of organizations including the National Association of Music Merchants, Hewlett Packard, Nextel Communications, Warner Music Group, Sony, and many more.

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Scott Robertson, The Branding Guy

Just like sales, branding exists at an emotional level. Don’t hone in on the logo or visuals ONLY because branding is everything!

The Branding Rule: Brands are emotional!

Branding is 100% emotional and many organizations don’t use the emotional aspect of connecting with their customers! When you drown your client in facts and figures you will never close the deal or become memorable.

When you are thinking about your brand you should be thinking “My brand is this and the feeling that I want to create in my followers is…..”

Take the features of your product, turn those into benefits and then tell stories that connect with people emotionally to create your brand. (Read more about creating emotional stories here.)

Human beings are 100% emotional and branding is everything!

The Branding Rule: Everything counts in branding!

Your brand is very fragile in the technological age. You can build your brand effectively and then lose it in a minute with one wrong step!

Every action you take adds to your brand so your brand becomes the sum total of everything you do!

Scott Robertson
Do some real thinking about what makes you different and what your customers need.

Mary Kay customers want to feel beautiful so the MK reps should brand the pathway to beauty.

Scott Robertson, The Branding Guy

How do you uniquely serve your customer compared to other distributors in your company? Make a point of understanding your niche market so that you can create an effective brand.

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