Script Voicemail Message For Call Backs!

I often hear home party plan consultants say that they do not want to leave a voicemail message when they get the answering machine.

Voice Mail Script
You really should leave a message to ensure that your connection with the client continues and hopefully generates sales or a show date.

Caller ID will show that you called.

Read all the way to the bottom of this page to get a voicemail message script that is GUARANTEED to get return calls!

When the person you called sees your number and does not know who you are, not leaving a message will impact their willingness to take your call next time.

By leaving a voice mail message the first time you are connecting with them in a superficial way, which hopefully will open the door for a conversation in the future.

Leave a message today and chances are they will pick up next time.

Write Powerful Voicemail Message

Learning how to leave an good message is really important to creating the connection you want.
Script Your Voicemail
A powerful voice mail message is not thought of on the fly but has been carefully crafted in advance!

Take some time to craft your various types of messages so that you get return calls!

It doesn’t matter if they are listening to you leave the message or getting it later, a good message makes a big impact on your future results.

Take some time to script out a few voicemail message scenarios.

The most important thing in the call is using powerful and positive word choices. Word choices should assume successful connection with your client. It should:

Word Choices For Better Voicemail Messages

Pick your word choices carefully!

A couple of examples of good and poor word choices are:

Not Good: “I am calling to confirm…”
Good: “I am sending the planners out for May, our date is May 3 at 6:00…how many catalogs would you like?”

Bad Choice: “I am worried that I did not hear back…”
Instead Use this: “Our date is fast approaching and I am just checking to see if you need more catalogs for outside orders…”

Not Good: “I was wondering if you would like to have a show?”
Better: “Our new catalog comes out in March. I was checking in to see what date would be good for our show.”

When creating your scripts always use words that indicate a done deal.

Never hint at negativity or concern.

This takes practice and actually is a good policy when having live conversations with your clients as well. Your words as well as your tone and excitement level will determine the success of your message.

Professional Voicemail Message

When you leave a professional voicemail message… one that is well thought out, you will always get better results.

It is important to be upbeat to the point of sounding ridiculous to yourself. No one is as excited about your business as you are. It can be difficult to translate your excitement through the phone.
voicemail message
Here’s how to do it:

  • Stand up
  • Smile like a tiger and be excited.
  • Using a headset makes it easy to jump around
  • Wave your arms and present excitement through the phone

Voicemail Messages – Examples

Take the time to script out several voice mail messages. The first one should be somewhat generic:

“Hi, this is ___________. I have a quick question for you. When you have a minute please give me a call back. My number is _______. I know you are busy, so if you don’t get a chance to call me back by ________ I will give you another call. Again, my number is _______. ”

Voice Mail Script Before Sending Host Packet

This script would be used to leave a message for a party date that has been on the calendar for awhile. Notice that it does not open the door for a cancellation buy using the words: “calling to confirm”.

“Hi, this is ______with the XYZ Company!  I am looking forward to our show on _______@ ____. I am getting ready to send out the May host planners. I usually send 3 catalogs and 40 invitations. I know that sounds like a lot of invitations.
Usually when we invite 40 we end up with about 15-20 on the show date and that is perfect. So at this point start your list and as you jot down our guests’ names and phone numbers, give them a call and tell them to mark their calendar. If you need more than 3 catalogs for extra orders from people who cannot make it, or more that 40 invitations, give me a call. If I do not hear from you by Monday, I will put the planner in the mail and give you a call a few days later to be sure you got it. Please call me if you need more invites or catalogs! My number is _______. Talk soon! I take calls until ______. Again, my number is _______ ”

Create A Customer Care Voicemail Message

After guests have received their products you may want to do customer care calls. 

Be sure to keep the focus on them!  Read more on customer centric customer service scripts.

“Hi, this is _______ with XYZ Company. I am checking to see how you are enjoying your ______ products.
If you haven’t done so yet, please unpack your products, check them over and start using them. If you have any questions, please give me a call as soon as possible. Please feel free to use me as a resource in your (kitchen, home decorating, skin care, whatever your products are). I love to hear from happy customers, so give me a call anytime. I will give you a call back soon to see how you are enjoying your new _________. My number is _______. Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon! Again, my number is _______. _______.”

Script A Voicemail Message For Lead Follow Up

Voicemail ScriptWhen following up on a home business lead you should leave details that establishes your connection specific details:

“Hi, this is _____ with XYZ Company. I enjoyed meeting you at (_____’s kitchen show/the ____ expo.) I hope you had as much fun as I did! (Insert a comment specific to this person like I am glad you brought your daughter, or something to that effect.)
I hope you are enjoying your new________ OR “Did you and your Jason see the expo stage program _____). Next month, XYZ Company has a double host bonus, I was calling to see what month you were thinking would be good for our show. If you get my machine when you call back, please let me know what the best time is to reach you. My number is _______. Thanks for coming to ______’s show, (stopping by our booth at the ____ fair) Talk to you soon. Again, my number is _______. ”

Voicemail Message To Let Them Go

So what do we do when they never return your call or never answer the phone?

That depends a little bit on you and also on the type of call it is. I personally practice the bless and release program.

You certainly do not want to be obligated to continue to call dead leads. A good home party plan script would be the Let Them Go Script and it may go something like this:

“Hi ________.  Just touching base. This is _______. You asked me to give you a call again regarding creating additional income for your family through XYZ Company. Since I haven’t heard back from you I am going to assume that you found another solution and are no longer interested in my services. I am here for you and would love to teach you how to enjoy the benefits of XYZ Company whenever you are ready. Call me anytime, My number is _______. I will not be calling you again and will be here for you whenever I can be of service to you. My number is _______.”

The Abducted By Aliens Voice Mail Message

abducted by alien voicemail messageWhat about the person who really does want to talk to you and has put it off?

Chances are now they feel guilty that they have never called you back.

This is the perfect script for that!

The abducted by aliens script gets really good results – the person usually calls you back immediately. This is great for the host or sales rep whom you know is still in the game, and just not calling you back. It lets them know that you are not mad at them. (Be sure to say this while laughing!)

“Hi ______,  This  is _______ with XYZ Company. It is so long since I have heard from you that I am starting to get worried. Either you’re really, really busy or you have been abducted by aliens. Whichever is the case give me a quick call so that I know that you are still on this earth. My number is _______.”

The abducted by aliens script is short, to the point and guaranteed to get a quick call back!

Compose Your Own Voicemail Scripts

Compose your Own Voicemail scripts and make a few different scenarios. Follow these guidelines for the best results.

  • Never open the door to cancellations by using the word cancel.
  • Always assume that it is a done deal. (whatever IT is)
  • Never use vague or negative word choices such as: if, might, could, should, worried, wondering
  • Replace those words with positive words and phrases: when, do, will.
  • Always smile, stand up and be excited.
  • Take joint responsibility by using phrases like: “When we (send out the invitations, invite 40 people, etc.)”, “Our goal is______”.

Taking the time to create powerful positive voice mail messages so that you leave good messages will open the door for future connections.

When you leave no message, you will never connect.

When you leave a powerful message, you have a much better chance of getting a return call.


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