"Home Office Tips" Posts

Learn home office tips and time management. Work at home business tips for all direct selling party consultants.

Save Tax Dollars On Personal Trips

With diligence and awareness you can save tax dollars by deducting some of your personal travel expenses from your taxes when you have a home business.

Create Your Future! Read Company Policy!

Direct sales is a great way to take control of your life! Create your future and make sure it is solid by knowing the company policy inside and out.

Office Feng Shui Improves Results!

When you have good office feng shui and energy your business and work results will improve. Learn how to use a bagua to determine your office space uses.

Make A Profit In Direct Sales

Make A Profit
You can make a profit when working from home when you plan for it. Learn how to make a profit in your home party business!

Business Activities To Do When Traveling & No Internet

business activities
Get some great ideas on what home business activities you can do when traveling and there is no internet. Use airplane time wisely!

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