Conquer Your Commission

Jay Leisner shared some awesome tips on how to make the most of your company’s commission structure!

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Conquer Your Commission

With all the different methods of direct selling commission structures it is no wonder that consultants may be confused!

Compensation plans must reward ALL the direct sellers in the company at all levels.

The commission structure used in a direct selling company must reward 12 key behaviors:

  1. Personal Purchases
  2. Customer Sales
  3. Recruiting Efforts
  4. Team Growth
  5. The Training Individuals
  6. Meeting Or Exceeding Minimum Sales Requirements
  7. Becoming A Leader
  8. Personally Developing Leaders
  9. Assisting Other Leaders Develop Team Leaders
  10. Earning Promotions
  11. Meeting Or Exceeding Leadership Minimums
  12. Staying Active & Sticking Around

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