Holiday Sales Tips To Rocket Into 2017

Of all the holiday sales tips we discussed on the Cash Flow Show Radio last night the best one I can give you is to NOT take the whole month off…

December is one or maybe two holidays, not a whole month of holidays, so make sure you work your business as usual otherwise you will have a slow period three months down the road!
holiday sales tips

Don’t let your business stall over the holidays!!

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Holiday Sales Tips

When you perform some routine business activities throughout the holidays your 2017 will surely be a success.

  1. Remember to work your business while you celebrate!
  2. You see a lot of people so be sure that you network rather than net-sit!
  3. Make a plan to fill the income gap!
  4. Hold a holiday raffle.
  5. Rework your FRANK list and take cookies to them.
  6. Conduct customer service follow up calls for Fall customers.
  7. Hold a customer appreciation event!
  8. Plan your Holiday Layaway Club for 2017.
  9. Create a power of 5 event for your team.
  10. Write your direct sales marketing plan for 2017!!
  11. Include in your business marketing strategy specific steps to take with a plan to promote in the coming year!

The point is that business activity over the holidays will keep your business rolling along. These holiday sales tips are just a few things you could do to ensure that your business does not start off 2017 sluggishly.

Work your business and it will work for you!!

Tell us in the comments below what you plan to do for your business after the holiday deadline passes!

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