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Jay Leisner of Sylvina Consulting is a compensation plan design specialist.

Tip From The Top By Jay Leisner

Jay Leisner

So your company has a compensation plan and you find it confusing, do you?

I’m not surprised….

There is a lot going on with most compensation plans.

Why are compensation plans are so complicated?

Not everyone has the same financial goal when they join a direct selling company. Some are interested in part-time income, while others want this business to generate full-time income or more.

A good compensation plan needs to be good for everyone. It needs to put fast money into the hands of new recruits, reward the sponsoring behavior well, and generate ongoing revenue for those who choose to build teams.

Jay LeisnerCan you see how difficult it would be to please everyone?

Great compensation plans are complex because simple plans can’t motivate and reward everyone well for the efforts they put forth in the business.

So, the next time you look at your compensation plan and think, “I wish this was simpler,” instead think about how difficult it is to reward everyone well and appreciate how well the plan works to do that.

Read more about the key points of every good compensation plan at Sylvina Consulting.

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