Office Feng Shui Improves Results!

Our guest last night on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio was Carole Hyder who shared how to use office feng shui to create better energy and results in your home office.

Read another article on using Feng Shui for business that discusses how it can be used at your home party.

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Office Feng Shui

Using a baqua you can make sure your office feng shui is generating beneficial energies.
Print or save Carole Hyder’s bagua white paper.
(Mobile: Press and hold | PC: Right click and save)

A bagua is a grid or pattern that when laid out over your office floor plan can be used to create more auspicious qualities in your work space.

Once you determine your different office quadrants you can make changes and a plan to enhance the areas you want more results in.

For Example:

  • A broken chair in your wealth quadrant is not good!
  • You would not want an image that you hate in your relationship sector!
  • Your back to a window or door makes you vulnerable… not good for business!

Even if your space cannot be perfect there are always small changes you can make that will enhance your performance. A few of the many simple changes you can make to your office feng shui are:

  • To feel supported and make better decisions, use a high-backed chair.
  • Make sure artworks inspire and uplift you.
  • Remove clutter because it is a direct hindrance to moving forward
  • Have a view of the door so you do not get caught by surprise!
  • Have a solid wall behind your desk to improve confidence and credibility.
Carole Hyder
Integrating a few small Feng Shui suggestions can make a huge difference in the physical look of your office.
But more importantly they can make a positive change in your own outlook, providing you the inner Feng
Shui you need to feel balanced, focused and at peace.
Carole Hyder, Feng Shui Consultant
What can you do to improve your office feng shui?

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