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Do You Feel Organized?

Posted by Jill Lynch

Are you organized in your business?

Do you have balance in work – life priorities – family, friends, hobbies? Sometimes the words “organize” and “balance” make us cringe!

Why? We feel like we can’t get organized because we have so much happening in our lives and in our business that we just can’t do it all! Sound familiar?

The world of Direct Sales is flexible in that you can work your business around your life. But when you have a business that you are passionate about, it’s easy for that business to take over and become consuming. This leads to that feeling of not having balance between business and life in general.

Remember we said one major perk about direct sales is that it’s flexible and you can run your business around your life!

You shouldn’t have to run your life around your business but it is important to feel organized so that you are not frazzled!

Organization Tips For Direct Sales Balance

Here are some tips to help you stay organized with your business:

  • Monthly To Dos – having a quick month at a glance you can see what you have planned. Quick tip – highlight using different colors for different tasks (family activities in pink, home parties in green, meetings in blue, personal activities in yellow, etc). At a quick glance you can see what is taking over your calendar.
  • Weekly To Dos – having a weekly calendar is very helpful because you can break the bigger goals down into daily tasks and focus. Don’t give yourself more than 5-6 daily tasks. When you get them done, reward yourself!
  • Vision Boards – remind yourself of WHY you are in business. We all experience the ups and downs, but reminding yourself of why you are in business helps you get through it! A vision board in your office, bedroom or somewhere that you’ll see it frequently is a great tool to help you visualize your dreams! Keeping a mini vision board inside your planner is another great tool!

Feel Organized And Party!

Now it’s time to PARTY!  Here is an acronym to help you stay focused on the tasks that will build your business*:

P – PARTY – schedule one new party each week – imagine what your calendar would look like and the income you’d earn! (home party, catalog/online party, Facebook party, fundraiser, event, etc.)
A – APPRECIATE – appreciate your hostess by doing solid hostess coaching (for the upcoming parties and the parties you just held)
R – REVISIT – revisit past customers with follow up customer care calls
T – TALK – talk about your business opportunity and share it (set up appointments)
Y – YOUR BUSINESS – do something each week to learn more about the industry/your company and learn something new, then apply it (webinars, blogs, training)

*Remember to focus on the tasks that are income-producing, not time-wasting.

Once you have created a system that works for you and your lifestyle, it’s important to let others know when you perform certain tasks. For example, if you call your hostesses on a Wednesday evening, let your hostesses know that so they can be expecting your call! Get your system in place so it’s working for you, not against you!

It’s amazing how we feel once we are “organized” and “balanced”.

It does not look the same for each person. We all have unique circumstances and lifestyles, but if you are feeling organized within your own business and life, that is what matters most.

Home Business Consultants Get Organized!

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