Susan Huneke, Pink Papaya Founder

Our guest last night was Pink Papaya founder, Susan Huneke!

Who would know better than a party plan company CEO how to juggle the many hats of an entrepreneur!

Susan Huneke Radio Interview

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The Many Hats Of Pink Papaya Founder

Susan is a juggler!

Make 6 buckets – one for each aspect of your business and make sure you are putting effort into each bucket each week.

  • marketing
  • sales
  • finance
  • product
  • operations

The buckets or subjects of focus will vary in each business but the ones listed above would be similar in all companies.

When planning your business focuses put long term goals and short term steps toward those goals into each bucket.
Pink Papaya Founder

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Each week be sure to put time into each category of business. Write a color coded schedule and work each area consistently rather than allowing one area to take over or another to be forgotten.

Plan your week on a certain day and schedule your upcoming time into each task area.

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