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Party Plan Diva Tips From Lynsey Jones

Posted by Deb Bixler

Lynsey Jones,  founder of Party Plan Divas shared her time management tips on the CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio

Lindsey Jones Lynsey has been in the party plan industry for 13 years, during which time she ranked as one of the top 3 distributors in both sales and recruiting within her organization.

Even though she had great success she still struggled with creating work – life balance.

It is from that struggle that she created The Party Plan Diva success system.

Listen to the first set here or click the replay link on the right to find the schedule for the full show:

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The Party Plan Divas 5 Categories Of Time Management

Lynsey shared her Party Plan Diva success system and the 5 categories of time management. Time management (good or bad) is a habit.

These are the 5 categories of time management that she talked about in the first set:

  1. Set Goals: In home businesses goal setting is essential as it gives you a path to follow to achieve success.
  2. Prioritize Profit Activities: Before leaving your home office each day, prioritizing the activities that generate a profit.
  3. Manage Interruptions: A biggy here for everyone and especially the WAHMs!
  4. Avoid Procrastination: What is procrastination really? Just doing what you prefer first!
  5. Write A Schedule: This is something that we discussed more fully in the second set. When a party plan consultant has a schedule it is like posting office hours for yourself, your customers and your family.

Write A Schedule!

party plan divasAll home party plan consultants should write a home office/business schedule. All successful businesses have posted hours.

When you write a schedule or plan for your week, you will know when to go to work, prioritize important activities and also tell your customers and team when they are best able to reach you.

A written schedule in party plan does not restrict you, it tells everyone involved your office hours. This alone will help with number 3 above and assist in managing family interruptions.

Lyndsey Jones’ 5 “Ps” Of Time Management

Lyndsey Jones shared her time management system that is designed specifically for the direct sales industry to manage  – your TIME!

Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  1. Preparation – First and foremost you need to always be PREPARED for your business. Opportunity likes to arrive when you least expect it, and not being prepared can easily throw you off course. The foundation of the Party Plan Divas Diva Success System lays out a schedule for making sure you are always prepared for business by having premade Hostess Packets, Promotional Gifts, etc. When you are always prepared, you will never find yourself scrambling around trying to throw things together.
  2. Persistence – The Direct Sales industry is simple… but it isn’t “easy.” Constant, consistent effort is needed to really make your business grow. Sometimes you may not see the “fruit of your labor” until sometime after you have completed the task. You have to have the faith in your products, your company, and your opportunity and continue to work your business even if you have not seen success just yet. Be consistent and persistent in your efforts, and success will come.
  3. Priorities – When it comes to Time Management, you must remind yourself of your priorities again and again and make sure that your actions are congruent with your goals. That may mean making your business a priority over watching TV or going to lunch every day with girlfriends. The good news about that is there will come a time when your business runs smoothly and your time is managed in such a way that you have the “fun stuff” scheduled in, and it will never set you behind.
  4. Perseverance – Much like persistence, you must also have Perseverance to push through the “not so fun” days of the Direct Sales Industry. This business is not always sunshine and rainbows – nor is any other occupation – so you must have the commitment to persevere through the tough days. Many Consultants get discouraged and quit their Party Plan Businesses feeling like failures. You must be able to persevere in this “survival of the fittest” industry, to rise to the top.
  5. Patience – This may be one of the most important traits for any Party Plan Consultant. This business takes some TIME to grow and most consultants “quite before payday” because they get burnt out and tired because they do not manage their time well. If you are just starting with a new schedule or time management system, you must make sure you are giving that time to work as well. As with anything new, it will take some time to adjust and get used to a new way of doing business.

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