"Hostess Coaching" Posts

Learn hostess coaching tips that increase sales, reduce cancellations and get more bookings. Home party plan consultant host coaching tips.

Make Every Host A Repeat Host!

A happy host is always a repeat host! Read the 4 things that must come together to make every party an annual event so you re-book every host!

Hostess Coaching Online Parties

Online parties can be as big as live parties when you learn how to hostess coach online parties to create an event that is worth your time and effort!

Keep January Hostess Parties Solid

Keep January hostess parties solid! Learn how to coach your January Hostess Parties so that they do not cancel. Stay in touch without pestering them.

Always Explain The Reason Why!

The Reason Why
When you tell them the reason why you have a better chance that your party plan hostess will actually do what you ask. Read examples of why!

Do Selfies With Your Host!

Party plan selfies can be used in many different was. Take a selfie of your future hosts and use them to keep the date firm!