Tips To Have $1000 Shows

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$1000 show

It is possible to have $1000 shows regularly.

A $1000 show is guaranteed when you use all resources available to you during the hostess coaching process.

When you are an effective host coach you are partnering with your show hostess and creating a home party that benefits you both.

Some party plan consultants look at hostess coaching, or host coaching as some companies call it, as a bother to the host.

This could not be further from the truth.

The Direct Selling Association Says:

The Direct Selling Association has found in their studies that the one complaint that party plan hosts consistently report is their wish for more contact from their consultants.

Most party plan hostesses said that they wished they had heard from their consultant more often.

Frankly, the two times that I have hosted a party in my home with other sales companies I have felt the same way. It was frustrating for me to have to always call the host when I had a question or needed more catalogs.

I really did feel as though I was not getting enough customer service!

Tips For $1000 Shows

Party plan hostess coaching is your job and it is good customer service!

Call your host more often!!

The “talking” e-book below includes an hour long recording of the “Host Coaching For $1000 Shows” training.

After hitting the submit button a PDF file will immediately open.

After you save it to your computer you can then listen to the recording as often as you want or forward to your team by attaching it to any email.


(We will also send you an email with the link in case you have any tech issues.)

I guarantee that when you put the systems into place from this video and described in this e-book you will have $1000 shows regularly!


    Shared by: fitflop????:

    Most people will think they are able to write, but you are an actual writer. You possess create valuable information somehow that???s practical for the various readers to read and digest.

    Shared by: Sandy Kreps:

    Hostess coaching is SO important! So true that coaching is good customer service to your hostess.

    Shared by: Callie Thames:

    I am a HUGE advocate of host coaching systems. They really make a difference. Once I put my system in to place (a combination of the one recommended by my company and the system Deb recommends) I saw a HUGE increase in attendance. I also have a great deal of repeat hostesses, which is great because I don’t have to always search for new bookings!!

    Shared by: Carrie Douthit:

    Once I started hostess coaching my parties had less cancellations/postponements. My goal for 2013 is to increase my party attendance numbers through hostess coaching.

    Shared by: Dawn Mulvey:

    This is an area that I need to work on. Thanks for all the tips Deb.

    Shared by: Ginny Konrad:

    Hostess coaching is SO important. Thanks for all of the great information.

    Shared by: Lindsay:

    IT doesnt matter how many times we read our hostess coaching in our consultant handouts…sometimes it just takes someone else breaking it down thank you for providing this information in time to transition this to my businesses in 2013!

    Shared by: Marcia Patch:

    Thanks, as always, for a reminder that it’s part of our “job” to help the host get the most out of her party. The happier they are, the happier we will be! If they’re going to have a party, it might as well be over the top!!

    Shared by: Debbie:

    Thank you again for your expertise in hostess coaching and the ebook. The samples are great.

    Shared by: Lauren:

    Thank you Deb for sharing (again!) great information! I am really going to try to build my business in 2013. You’ve given great tips…now to come out of my comfort-zone and make it happen. 🙂

    Shared by: Judy Long:

    I am going to really get better at my hostess coaching, and listen better to what they are saying to guide them to a better show… I am lacking in this area and actually getting the bookings!!

    Shared by: Denise Baker:

    AWESOME information! This is exactly what I needed to take ownership of not allowing my sales to decrease. I love the tip of getting outside orders prior to the show!

    You all can have a $1000 show. When a hostess does ALL the things they are guaranteed to have one and when YOU the consultant coach your host for ALL the things you are guaranteed too! Go for it Joanne, Penny, everyone!!!

    Shared by: Krysta:

    Good “egg on face moment” – I definitely have felt abandoned by a consultant who was probably trying not to harass me..which is what I find myself doing. Thanks for the reminder!

    Shared by: Kristina:

    I totally agree! When I started out my business I was really good at hostess coaching and my party average proved it! Thanks for the free tools!

    Shared by: Mary:

    Great tips Deb. I’m going to make host coaching my #1 priority this year.

    Shared by: Cindy:

    Thank you. This reminds me to go back and listen again to your Power Up and Cash Flow Show material I purchased before. Getting systems in place will help me do host coaching when I get busy.

    Shared by: Leah Duke:

    Thank you. Host coaching is about building that relationship .

    Shared by: Penny Scott:

    I have always enjoyed your advice on the party and host coaching, and I have shared you with others. Still haven’t gotten up to $1000 parties, but am still working toward them.

    Shared by: Joanne:

    I am working toward my company’s trip this year, more $1,000 parties will really help a lot!

    Shared by: Molly Zabrowski:

    Great advice, Deb. I am hoping to start this new year with a bang, so this will help!

    Shared by: Norma:

    Thanks Deb! Host coaching is an area where I know I need a great deal of improvement!

    Hostess Coaching is important and I am not consistent. However my resolution is to mentor my team(those that find value in the business) to do this consistently and make it a priority. I too host parties with other companies and I cannot believe the lack of service most consultants give me as a customer.

    Shared by: Marlene Dreifke:

    I love the systems you put in place for us. Getting better attendance and better sales from those who do attend makes it much easier for us to move our businesses forward. I like the ownership idea and will be incorporating it into my coaching.

    Shared by: Marian Jameson:

    Thanks for that… love it host vs hostess!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    i can understand how yo may feel that way, Amy. Just take it one step at a time. Add one thing to your hostess coaching plan then do it for a while then add another. Small bites….

    Shared by: Amy Smith-George:

    You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really one thing that I think I have trouble with. It kind of feels too complex and very vast for me.

    Shared by: Erica ardali:

    Thanks for offering this for Free. I think that hostess coaching is an area that I am lacking in, i enjoyed your tips.

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