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Watkins Reps Celebrate 30 Years!

Watkins Reps, Karen and Keith Hagen share their tips to staying committed to their home based business for 30 years. Learn how to do the same!

Longevity In Business Is A Strength

Martha Isenberg of Tealightful Teas talks with us on the radio about longevity in business. Learn how to stay committed to your direct sales business.

Take A Break To Give Yourself A Raise!

Time off is essential in all businesses and jobs. Read why you will give yourself a raise when you take a vacation or a break in the afternoon.

Don’t Wait For Small Business Saturday!

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Support a home business owner on Small business Saturday as well as the rest of the year! Be a direct seller and buy direct selling! Support a family!

Radio Broadcast: What Is Tapping?

Listen to the Cash Flow Show Radio to learn what is tapping? Tapping will allow you to better handle stress and can be applied to a multitude of issues.