Ann Morrow – Tips From The Top

Ann Morrow, Direct Sales Manager at Avon, is an inspirational trainer with a passion for teaching out-of-the-box sales techniques to create customer loyalty.

Ann Morrow – Tip From The Top

Ann Morrow
Avon is still here and going strong because of a constantly changing attitude and because of their willingness to change.

I hear so many people say, “Well, that’s not the way we’ve done it in the past; we’ve always done it this way….”

Well, not anymore, come on,  jump on the bandwagon.

You have GOT to CHANGE!

Change is good and change is inevitable so embrace it!

It’s a willingness to do things that other people aren’t doing that is going to make you a sales leader and a team leader.

What things can you do to really keep your customer engaged?

How can you keep your customer looking forward to seeing you when you come with the products or the next catalog or brochure…. that’s what it’s all about.

Direct Sales Is Fun

It’s just having fun with the business.

This is direct sales, it’s the best profession in the whole wide world; you’ve got to have fun with it or why do it, right?

  • As a leader your passion should be in teaching out-of-the-box sales techniques to create customer loyalty.
  • As a sales consultant your passion should be putting out-of-the-box sales techniques into action to create customer loyalty.

What does that mean?

I love when people say that the product sells itself.

I have never seen anybody throw their direct sales catalog in the middle of the room and have it hit the floor and just start selling to people.

“Look at me!”

“Buy me!”

There’s got to be some passion and energy and fun, and some new technique behind it.

Brand yourself, regardless of what company you’re with.  I think it really starts with branding yourself and branding your neighborhood, everywhere, on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere.

People may know your products, big deal…. they can go online and buy it from corporate.

For example, now it is a perfect time of the year to go out and find a six-block radius or more around your home and go out and talk to your neighbors to find new business.

Ann MorrowIt is a perfect time of year to walk the neighborhood and meet people. They are in their yards having fun with their families and so why not go out to meet the neighbors and make sure that your catalog is in every home in your neighborhood?

The consultants who get out there and are willing to do a few things that other people aren’t willing to do are the top achievers.

Ann Morrow, Avon Sales Manager

Please share your out-of-the-box sales tips or ideas in the comment section! What have you done that is fun and different to keep your clients loyal?

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