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Posted originally at the end of 2014 this is always a timely post as the year changes and planning begins anew!

Annual event and calendar planning is unique to the individual, the team and to every company.

When you have a direct sales and marketing events calendar for the entire year prepared in advance it creates a focused proactive business rather than one that is always playing catch up.

As our holiday gift to you we have included the entire Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio audio on calendar planning in the PDF download below.

This is the first set of the past show on proactive calendar planning.

The PDF download includes an audio link to the full radio show on calendar planning. Your Calendar Planner

While we have not updated the file year after year it is still as appropriate this year as it was last year!

Take the time to write a schedule of events for the coming year.

Your schedule, business and promotions will run more smoothly and more effectively when you have a plan.

Annual Calendar Planning

While this task may seem tedious, the result is a lot less stress throughout the coming year!

  1. Taking the time to schedule out all the important personal dates, company dates, sales team events, monthly themes and other dates of importance will allow you to see the big picture in advance.
  2. Include in your planning calendar problems that you would like to solve from the past year such as:
    • A low sales volume in June
    • No team sales from Dec. 19th – Jan. 7th
    • Poor meeting attendance
    • Or any other problems that you would like to focus on
  3. Then plan out your monthly themes for both team meetings and your home parties

Now look at the big picture and set your planning deadlines and dates.

Using the themes, dates and important information you documented above, meeting topics and ideas should come easily.

Whether you actually plan the meeting topics in advance now or just plan what days you plan to plan those events – life will be easier. (LOL = did I say plan enough?)

Add to your calendar:

  • When do you want to mail the newsletter?
  • When do you need to write it each month?
  • Set your meeting planning day the week ahead of the monthly meeting.
  • When do you plan to start marketing each month’s themes?
  • For the team?
  • For the home party?
  • When do you need to start promoting the conferences?
  • Schedule the topic at the November meeting to focus on boosting post-Christmas sales!

The events for every team are different, but after you listen to the full audio of Calendar Planning you will start thinking more long-term!

This download includes the worksheet and the full radio show broadcast!

Download the worksheet to plan your upcoming year and follow along as you listen to the radio show! Your Calendar Planner

(PC: Right click then save or save as | Mobile: Click and hold)

Listen to the full calendar planning audio and make a plan to stay ahead of the game all next year! Your plan will give you more time to be a better leader!


    Shared by: Lynita Stambaugh:

    I love this! It will make planning much easier when I write down the “given dates” first and then I can fill in my parties, etc.!! Thank you, Deb!

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