Conference Incentive: “Pitcher Yourself At National”

If you have listened to any of the training available on this site or the home business radio show you probably have heard me say:

“Meeting makers make more money!”

“Consultants never quit when they are making money!”

So with that in mind, the most important thing you can do for your team is get them to the meetings and especially to the company’s national or annual conference.

You may want to also read our page on planning sales incentives so you take everything into consideration before launching your event.

Pitcher Yourself At National Conference Incentive

conference incentivesI guarantee you that this conference incentive will get a higher percentage of your team to conference than ever before.

The first year I ran it, I had more team members at conference than my upline did. 

That is saying a good bit since I had a team of 50 with 50% of them at conference and he had a first line of over 200 consultants with less than 10% at conference!

You will want to start your conference incentive program soon after conference is over this year so that you have a great attendance next year.

Start the Pitcher Yourself At National Conference incentive about 11 months prior to conference.

How The Conference Incentive Program Works:

  • Buy some cheap ugly pitchers at a department store or better yet, a dollar store.
  • Have a huge kickoff at your meeting to start the program.
  • Give everyone a pitcher:  Explain to them that they are not committing to going, they are only committing to play the game. There will be lots of things to do all year and we will have fun doing it.
  • The pitcher is a piggy bank to save for conference.  Each consultant is saving pocket change all year to go to conference and you are making it fun and adding some incentives that will put a bit of extra money into the pitcher.  The worst that could possibly happen is that they have a bunch of money to spend next year.
  • Take their picture and tape it on the pitcher when you give them the pitcher.
  • Make a big hoopla about the “Pitcher Yourself At National Conference incentive at all your meetings after that.
  • Continue to give out pitchers at every meeting.
  • Each month offer a new incentive to play.
  • Require everyone to bring their pitcher to all the meetings.
  • Make a big deal about “Pitcher Yourself At National Conference” in the newsletter, on Facebook, at the meetings, all the time.
  • Offer interim incentives like “Team Dollars”. Do this or that and win the team dollars.

(I called it Deb’s Dough.)  The dollars are either matching, or special prizes for special things, like having a $1000 month, etc.  The “Team Dollars” only get spent AT conference though.

By the end of the year your team will have all the money that they need to go to conference.

Market Company National Conference

When you market your national conference all year to your team, they will be financially and psychologically prepared to go.

The main reason consultants do not go to conference is money and you are taking that excuse away. Everyone will have fun with this incentive and you will have a huge team at conference.  You will be amazed at how much fun your team has with this incentive.

Interim Direct Sales Incentives

You can use all the regular direct sales team incentives during the year to enhance the “Pitcher Yourself At National Conference” program.

Piggy back your “Pitcher Yourself At National Conference”  bonuses off of your home office programs.

  • Weigh your pitchers monthly and give awards.
  • Give “Team Dollars” for bookings, recruiting, and sales.
  • Award “Team Dollars” other year-round incentives.
  • Give “Team Dollars” for registering.
  • Fill your pitcher and get bonus dollars.

Conference Incentive

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    Shared by: George and Mary:

    We love your support for the industry and use this as our most visited go to site when needing inspiration for our home business!

    Shared by: cheri longswood:

    I can already tell that’s gonna be super helpful. Going to start running it in January for this summer.

    Shared by: Taryn Mize:

    Hello, do you have an example I could use to post on my team page about the pitcher yourself! I do better with premade examples and I absolutely LOVE this idea and want to start it now! I’ve only been with perfectly posh for 4 months, I have 17 ladies on my team and I’ve sent the ones who are working their business a token of appreciation for sure but I told them next month is when I start posting incentives and I want to use this so bad! Thanks for any help

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Hi Taryn – I know we spoke earlier but I thought I would answer this for others. The full write up that I had is included in the article above. The reason really that I can not create a difinitive flier is that it will be different for every company and team.

      I am working on a “How To” guide for how to plan incentives. I have gotten several questions lately about the topic so will be posting on on our “How To” page sometime later this month:

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