The Mind Aware: Key To Sales Growth

The Mind Aware success strategy is what Dana Wilde has become famous for!

The Mind Aware For Direct Sales Success

Dana Wilde is a direct sales success story! Her direct sales team went from zero to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in just NINETEEN MONTHS!

You ARE reading that right . . .
The Mind Aware

From the day she bought her kit until the day her team was doing over one million dollars in sales was just 19 months!

The Mind Aware’s “Train Your Brain” system is a program that teaches everyday people how to apply the “law of attraction” into their lives.

Dana Explains “The MindAware” System

One of the number one reasons our million dollar network marketing team was the fastest growing team in the history of the company was repeating positive, affirming phrases over and over again.

Many call these types of phrases affirmations or declarations, but for our team, we used a different name: mantras.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word given to a Hindu or Buddhist religious practice for sacred words, chants or sounds used during meditation to “facilitate” spiritual power and capable of transforming consciousness.

Whew! Sounds “out there,” huh? Facilitating spiritual power? Transforming consciousness?

Well, that’s exactly what you are doing when you’re creating your affirmations or making your declaration.

Like affirmations, mantras also use conscious thoughts to change old thoughts and beliefs stored in the unconscious mind into a “newer way of thinking,” a new conscious awareness.

Our team’s mantras were unlike other affirmative statements–which primarily focus on repetition and are a little more “specific” with regards to goal-setting—because we were often times repeating just one simple phrase which was less goal-oriented, and less specific.

But, more importantly, we not only said these mantras with the hopes of creating “shifts” in our businesses and lives, we really focused on getting our mantras to help us feel good.

In fact, feeling good was always first and foremost in our team’s minds because we knew if our mantras could evoke some kind of strong, positive emotion inside us, they would surely work. And they did work. Almost every single time!

So why did our team’s mantras work?

One word: emotion!

Visit Dana’s website: The Mind Aware

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