Jennifer Voss On Starting A Thirty-One Business

Thirty-One business consultant, Jennifer Voss shares how she became a success working from home.

Jennifer Voss – Thirty-One Gifts Business

“Stop chasing your dreams. Allow them to come to you in perfect order with unquestioned timing.”

guest blogger Jennifer VossI have always loved that quote.

How perfect.

Just let life take you where you’re destined to be…

No worries. No pressure.

Just let go and let God.

That is what I did about three years ago and I have never been happier.

thirty-one businessI was a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) operating an in-home daycare, with no plans of changing careers any time soon.

More than anything else I loved being a full-time mommy to my two small children, and my little daycare business allowed me to do just that.

Jennifer Voss With Thirty-One Gifts founder and CEO Cindy Monroe

Sure, I would have loved to make more money but my place was with my children. No career and no amount of money would ever make me want to give that up.

One afternoon, I was online when I came across a direct sales company called Thirty-One. It was quite by accident. I was browsing a housekeeping forum (such a wild life) where someone posted a photo of a cute tote bag used for cleaning supplies. It was personalized and had a million pockets.

Everyone was asking what it was and where it came from. “Oh that?” she replied. “It’s a Thirty-One bag.”

A Thirty-What-What??

A quick Internet search took me to their website. I looked around a bit, got up to feed the family and then came back after everyone went to bed.

There was only one word to describe what I was seeing and that was… “irresistible.”

I found a few things I wanted to order, only to discover I needed a consultant to do that. Drat. Well, I didn’t know any consultants so I shut the computer down for the night – and that’s when it happened.

Starting A Thirty One Gifts Business

A little voice inside my head kept saying, “Well, if you have never heard of this stuff and you don’t know any consultants, then maybe YOU should sell it.”

I quickly hushed her up. After all, I had NEVER been in sales and never hosted a party.

Heck, I hadn’t even been a GUEST at any type of sales party. Not one! How can that be, you might ask?

Two reasons – no money and no friends! So the thought of actually SELLING for a direct sales company was completely absurd.

Yet, the kit was appealing and not very expensive. And that pesky little voice in my head just would not stop! I tried reasoning with her but she was very persistent. I finally decided that even if the whole thing bombed and I was laughed out of my very first party, at least I’d have some cute bags to show for it. So I did it.

When my kit arrived a few days later, I went through everything like a kid on Christmas.

I immediately set up a display in my living room to test it out while the daycare kids looked at me like I was crazy. I devoured my training manual, jotting notes in the margins and underlining important parts. And I had butterflies at the thought of standing up talking in front of strangers. My first week as a consultant involved a lot of homework and reading and nerves. It felt a lot like college! But after a couple of days, I felt ready to host my launch party.

Kicking Off Thirty-One Business

It wasn’t the world’s biggest turnout. (No friends, remember?) But I did sell about $200 and I can tell you exactly who was there! A couple moms from my daycare, a mom from my daughter’s ballet class, and my very loyal and supportive sister. So forever thankful to these ladies for their encouragement! For less than two hours’ worth of chit-chat and fun, I made a little over $50 in commission.

Wow. $50 in just two hours? Chit-chat? Fun? I was floating on a cloud for the rest of the night and that’s when I decided I CAN DO THIS.

I had a slow start in the beginning as I knew I would, but after I got the hang of things, I promoted to Director in my 6th month and then to Sr. Director a year after that. I loved how I could build my schedule around my family, and not sacrifice my time with my kids. I quit my home daycare and poured all my energy and faith into Thirty-One. I could see the potential and it was good. People loved the product and it was fun to sell. It felt more like a hobby than a job, and it still does. And I was finally making friends!

Over the past three years I earned MANY team incentives including all of my National Conference tickets for free, a trip to Cancun for my husband and me, and countless free products, awards and recognition.

Last month, I finished earning a trip for two to the Dominican Republic – and this time I am taking that same loyal, supportive sister who came to my first show. (Love ya, T, and couldn’t have done any of this without you.)

During the time I have spent in direct sales, I would have to say that the selling aspect of this business is the easy part. Even bookings came easily to me once I got into the habit of booking new parties at my shows. For me, the part that I’ve always struggled with most was recruiting. It is also the number one question I get from my team-members… how to build my team?

As you can imagine, it was difficult for me to coach them when I wasn’t sure how to do it myself. Therefore I made it a top priority over the past year to become more proficient in this area, and to help my team become better as well.

Jennifer Voss – Recruiting University

Direct Sales recruiting universityJust this past November, fifteen of my top performers and I took Deb Bixler’s Recruiting University as a group.

Following this intense 7-week training, several of us took it a step further and read the book “Be a Recruiting Superstar” by Mary Christensen.

Between the university, the reading and discussions amongst ourselves, I began seeing an immediate difference in my team’s performance.

They were more actively engaged on our team page and at meetings, and their sales and recruiting numbers were higher than ever before.

And it’s no surprise….. Up until this past year, I have been merely telling them to recruit if they want to be successful, but that is not the same as teaching them HOW to do it.

Once they were given the tools, everything changed!

I am excited to say that since the training, I have also become much more comfortable with recruiting and have brought 12 new members into our team since “graduating” from the Recruiting University just 6 months ago.

I feel more natural now when talking about the business opportunity and I am better at following up, which is truly the key.

I am proud to say I have an amazing team of nearly 150 hardworking, successful businesswomen and we are growing stronger every day.

These women are such an inspiration, each and every one of them. And nothing beats the feeling of watching them grow into leaders themselves and realizing their own dreams.

I tell them all the time that if I can do it, they can too, and I mean that. I have no previous experience and no sales background.

All it takes it a little determination and a willingness to learn, and anyone can be successful in this business, I am blessed to be able to call this my “job” and can’t imagine doing anything else.

I am so thankful that Thirty-One Gifts came into my life when it did! It was in perfect order with unquestioned timing.

Visit Jennifer Voss’ Thirty-One Gifts Website.


    Shared by: Sarah Littlefield:

    Way to go Jen! Your sincerity and consistently positive outlook come through in the way you do business. Blessings.

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