Lisa Owen: A Scentsy Success Story

Home business consultant, Lisa Owen is a Scentsy success story.

Lisa is an average person who has used her Scentsy home party business to change her life and can be an inspiration to all direct sellers.

Scensty Success Story

Often times in the home party industry we look at the TOP achievers and say yeah, great… that’s them and I am me and this is not working.

Listen to Lisa’s story on the 12 minute radio interview below.

Lisa is proof that the home party plan business can be a successful business model and it will work for anyone who is willing to put effort into it and stay committed.

According to Lisa, being excited is the most important thing in party plan.

Lisa Owen – Scentsy Success

lisa owen, Scentsy SuccessLisa joined Scentsy in 2009 because she was excited about what she learned in a forum about Scentsy success.

She never saw the products but joined because her online friends were enthusiastic.

She did not go too gung-ho at first but at some point she saw the vision and realized that it could really change her life and her family’s life. The accomplishment of reaching her goals in “sales” was really outside of her comfort zone as she did not want to “sell”.

Lisa Owen’s Business Tips

When asked for business tips for new consultants, Lisa said that the best tip she can give is that you should not always be selling…

Her advice is to learn how to make small talk then you will be able to develop rapport with the people you meet every day. These relationships will translate into sales for your business.
starting conversations
Lisa used the skills that she had in her “real” job and suggests that you do the same.

She was able to transfer her customer service skills into her home party plan business. You have skills that you too can apply to your home business to leverage your successes.

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