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Steve Wiltshire Tips From The Top

Posted by Deb Bixler

Steve Wiltshire is a friend, a pal and a fellow collaborator!

I am excited to finally have Steve as the guest on this week’s (Wed. August 13th – 26nd) Cash Flow Show Radio!

We have worked together on many projects and our training philosophies are very similar!

From The Mind Of Steve Wiltshire:

Steve Wiltshire TipsChampion recruiters and business builders have 3 elements that guarantee success.

They are philosophy (what you think), approach (how you act) and systems (organization).

Your philosophy is your personal mission, beliefs, passion or faith.

Your approach is your ACTION. No action means no business.

All businesses operate on a systematic approach!

Amplify Your Beliefs With These 7 Steps

There are 7 keys to success:

steve Wiltshire, coaching

  1. Stop living in the past and start to improve your beliefs. Make an internal shift from within and dump your past issues.
  2. Distinguish your mission, purpose and compelling story.
  3. Capitalize on what others DON’T do!
  4. Schedule 30 parties within 8 weeks and hold 24 parties. Your home party is the best place to share your business opportunity.
  5. Invite your talented, interested, and potential list to your celebration party and do it every month!
  6. Design a stellar opportunity commercial that makes others think “I want what she/he has!”
  7. Hand out 32 opportunity gifts in 8 weeks and you will recruit 8 new reps.

“Your Life, Your Passion, Your Purpose”

Steve Wiltshire, Lifeline Coaching

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