Listen To A Passionate WAH Parent

Known as the passionate parent, Natalie Blais Hjelsvold shared tips on how she overcame the challenges of being a WAH parent while growing her home based business.

Passionate WAH Parent

As a WAH Parent, Natalie is passionate about being a Mom and about being an entrepreneur.

As a retired corporate career woman, Deb is passionate about enjoying life and being an entrepreneur.

The Cash Flow Show Radio Broadcasts 7 days a week. Enjoy the 1st set of the 2014 radio interview with Natalie.

Both Deb and Natalie had to learn how to create work – life balance when working at home to benefit from the experience.

Many people begin a work at home career with a specific goal and because of lack of balance often do not achieve it!

We all get into business to enjoy life and sometimes don’t.

The POP Technique

The POP technique on determining how to spend your time is done with your whole family as a regular system of staying focused on what is important to you.

Make a list of all the important things in your family’s life and then, with your family members, sort them out using the POP technique.

  • Priority – Make these a priority.
  • Opportunity – Put these in as the opportunity arises.
  • Pass – Pass on these items.

When you do this as an exercise as a family you may be surprised at what is important to others.


    Shared by: Carol Beauchemiin:

    As always, GREAT information and strategy Deb! This is so valuable. Sharing with my team for sure as this is a challenge for all of us who work at home and have successful businesses AND want to be great moms too. Thank you!!

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