Watkins Reps Celebrate 30 Years!

Karen Hagen joined Watkins in1987 and her husband Keith came on board in 1992. From that point on, Watkins has been their total household income!!

Listen to their interview on what it takes to survive in sales and stay in the same company for that long on the Home Business Radio broadcast.

Listen to Keith and Karen’s segment here here and/or visit the radio page to listen to the full show (through 03/22/17).

Each CFS Radio is available at the CFS home business radio page (always FREE) 24/7 for 2 weeks.

How To Train Bookings
Cash Flow Show Club members get every radio show in its entirety within 24 hours of each live event, a monthly conversation with Deb and are enrolled in the Bookings University!

Congratulations To Watkins Reps:
Keith & Karen Hagen!

These are 3 tips from Karen and Keith that they recommend so that you too can stay involved and committed to your business for 30 plus years:

    1. You and your company must stay up to date and still honor what works!

The telephone is essential to business and should not be something you shy away from. All the new technology requires that you use the phone even more so that you have two warm bodies relating to each other 1:1. The phone may be a frustration but it is also is an essential tool to be used that will complement the newest technology.

    1. Work a bit of business EVERY day.

Get up everyday and make something happen for your business. Small things lead to big things! Keep focused on the next step and always take some action. Using a big impact habit, you will reach your goals, one step at a time.

    1. When people are in the ‘quit’ mode, remember that it is not going to happen overnight!

Stay focused and know where you are going! All super successful people have had days when they thought of quitting but they did not… they pushed through and became a success story.

Karen & Keith Hagen
Commitment is a decision and a choice.

Watkins is our business…it is not our life! We are all living life but don’t make your business your life!

Karen & Keith Hagen, Watkins Reps

Karen was raised with Watkins products in the house and ran into a distributor at a local fair then fell in love all over again! Before long it was “Good bye Job – Hello to a business that after only 3 years grew in sales volume to over a MILLION DOLLARS”! Keith joined her soon after that and the rest is history!

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