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Get tips for marketing party plan business online. How to use the internet for direct sales to support your offline business.

How To Use YouTube Descriptions

Visit Deb Bixler on YouTube
Learn how to write YouTube descriptions and practice SEO for YouTube videos to show up in search results. Use all the YouTube description space allowed.

Using YouTube For Business

YouTube for business
Listen to the radio and find out why it is essential that direct sellers should be using Youtube for business. How to use YouTube for direct sales business.

On The Radio: Instagram 101

The Cash Flow Show Radio guest Jilleysue discusses how to use Instagram for your party plan business with simple Instagram 101 strategies. Read! Listen!

Jilleysue On Instagram For Business

Read tips from Jill McCarthy aka Jilleysue the social media strategist on Instagram for business. Take advantage of the perfect social site for party plan.

Put Pinnable Images On Every Page!

Images Pinnable
Does your website include a pinnable image on every page? A page will not get pinned without an image! Be sure your website gets shared in Pinterest!

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