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Finding Social Media Leads – On The Radio

Posted by Deb Bixler

Last night on the Cash Flow Show Radio Karen Clark shared her tips on how to find social media leads and make the most of your time online.

It was a GREAT show with LOTS of awesome tips!

You can listen to the first set here 24/7 and/or check the schedule to listen to the full show which will broadcast daily through 3/11/14. 

Home Business Radio

Social Media Leads

Social media leads are great but often it is tough to follow up personally. Just because they are following you does not mean they automatically become a customer.

It may take up to 3 years to develop a relationship to the point that a lead becomes a customer and often in the social sites it may be difficult to gather the contact information.

Karen recommends that you create a contact form that stands alone or integrates on Facebook so that you can get specific information to use in a more personal connection. This could be a newsletter subscription,  a ‘what can I do for you’ form or even a contest or prize drawing.

  • Put a tab under your cover photo with a contact form
  • Periodically use the link to your contact form in status updates
  • Create a status update contest so everyone filling it out in a certain period is entered in a drawing

The 911 Of Status Updates On Your Business Page

You will NOT get any leads in your social media marketing campaign if you over market.

I Love what Karen said about 911 of status updates:

  • Post 9 updates of value
  • Post 1 update that is marketing
  • Post 1 update that is personal

Your business page is for business and your profile page is for you the person but there is some overlap.

Be sure that you show you the person once in awhile on your fan page and only occasionally send people over to your business page from your profile.

You will get more social media leads when you consistently post but do not over market.

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Learn How To Write A Newsletter For Valued Customers

Posted by Deb Bixler

Writing a newsletter is a balancing act.

From the point of view of the marketer, your point of view, there are 2 reasons to maintain the list and send out newsletters:

  1. Keep the list growing
  2. Sell your wares (products, opportunities and services)

In order to keep the list growing and with minimal opt-outs, you must keep those two goals in mind and provide value to your subscribers.

Newsletters Add Value To Subscribers

The most important thing in writing a newsletter for your valued customers is to add value to their lives!

Like social media, if you constantly market, market, market your list will steadily decline even when you continue to add new subscribers.

Each newsletter should include:

  • Value for the reader
  • Book, buy or join links

When every single newsletter is doing nothing besides offering some great deal or opportunity you will never sell your products, opportunities or services.

How To Write A Newsletter

The image to the right  illustrates the many features that an effective newsletter could include:

  1. The ability to share in social sites
  2. A branded header image with a hyperlink to your website
  3. Valuable information for the reader
  4. A regular feature
  5. Continue reading links to the blog articles/your website
  6. Book,  Buy, Join (An offer)
  7. Subscribe to our newsletter
  8. Share with a friend
  9. The sender’s name and physical address
  10. An unsubscribe link

We discuss some of these features in more detail below.

Newsletter Can-Spam Act

It goes without saying that when writing a newsletter you should use a newsletter or email services provider.

A service provider will make sure that you are following all the Can-Spam Act rules such as:

  • Always include an unsubscribe link (10)
  • Include your physical location (9)
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines

All the rest of the legal stuff aside, it is not recommended that you send emails to lists from your computer.

We recommend as an affordable user-friendly service.

Writing Newsletters With Value

Writing a newsletter is not hard. Keep in mind that when you master how to write a newsletter of value, your list and your sales will slowly and steadily increase!

There is no hard and fast rule on how to write a newsletter but I recommend a consistent twice-monthly newsletter that is interesting to the niche that your list is in.

Each newsletter should include one or two quick tips or ideas that are NOT marketing messages. They must add value to the lives of your subscriber niche. (3)

  • If you sell decor you may be providing decorating tips.
  • Children’s toys: you may share a rainy day activity.
  • If you sell cooking or food items you may send out recipes or kitchen tips.
  • Over the holidays, a tip that will enhance their lives and make the holidays more enjoyable.

Your value-added tips should be good tips with or without your products involved. Your product may enhance the idea but a tip that ONLY works when they own a specific product is self-serving.

Marketing Message In Every Newsletter

In direct sales every newsletter should also include a marketing message or link. But is should not always be a hard sell message. Writing Newsletters

When you send out a newsletter of value always include a link in the footer, in the sidebar or within the text that covers your services.

Book, Buy, Join (6)

There are several types of content you could include beyond the tips and marketing:

  • Summary of recent blog articles with links to the site to ‘continue reading’: If you have a party plan blog that can be linked out of the newsletter for further information then you will get your list to the site to become exposed to other marketing messages. (3)
  • FAQs for your company: If there are questions that you hear often, a little blurb in the sidebar could be a regular feature.
  • A spotlight on a great customer, hostess or testimonial: People love to share things about themselves and appreciate what others say, even if you are the one telling them.
  • Seasonal advice or tips: Keeping your tips seasonal and timely will keep people reading and sharing.
  • Ongoing events: For example I always have a blurb about the Cash Flow Show Radio (4)
  • Of course product information and calendar of events.

That does not mean that every newsletter includes ALL of the above.

Long Newsletters Are Not Better

I subscribe to TONS of newsletters and the ones that require more than a quick read do not get read.

Don’t send out a news-book!

We never share your info!
No Spam! We Promise! Email:

The ones that are a constant buy this and buy that are the ones that quickly get unsubscribed from.

A good newsletter is one that provides great value so that people want to forward it on to their friends.

Viral Newsletters = Give Your Best Away For Free!

In social sites they say only 1:5 updates (some say 1:10) should be an all-out marketing message!

When you give your best ideas away for free in a simple newsletter that adds value to lives it will become viral and your list will share it with their friends and family.

A viral newsletter is a growing list.

Add simple links back to your site within every value-packed newsletter and be consistent.

The Big Sales!

A steady stream of newsletters and an occasional Big SALE or ‘don’t miss this deal’ is the balancing act that every business must master!

Compliment your quick tip newsletter with an occasional all-out marketing pitch and sales will happen!

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Jackie Ulmer Shares 5 Tips: Building Online Business

Posted by Guest Blogger

Jackie Ulmer is a network marketing team builder, trainer and author.

She started in January 1994 as a skeptic, and quickly fell in love with the advantages that network marketing offers.

Six years in, she discovered the internet!

Jackie Ulmer With Tips For  Online Direct Selling

Jackie Ulmer

Today, with the tools of the internet, you can begin to create a steady stream of potential prospects for your products, services and your Direct Sales opportunity.

When you consider that over 3 million people a day go online looking for a business from home, you can put yourself out into a stream of hungry prospects.

Sounds pretty good, eh?

Well, it has been for me, as I have personally enrolled over 1600 people, all who came to me online, already interested, and pre-sold by the time I had a phone conversation with them.

In fact, some even signed up without a phone conversation.

So, let’s talk about the key things that I do to attract that target audience to me.

There are a few things that I do consistently, on a daily basis.

  • Blog regularly – that’s right, you want to have a blog.A blog is your “hub of the universe”; that place you bring people back to so they can get to know you, like you and trust you.Let’s face it – you are a virtual unknown when they first find you, in most cases, so your job is to attract them, capture their information, connect and create rapport and eventually, sign them up.
  • Market your blog content. Content on your blog can be an article you wrote, a video, or even an audio – something that contains content of value. It’s not designed to be a sales pitch.You can subtly sell your business, but more than anything, you want to sell yourself. Each time you create a new “Blog Post”, you want to market that online. Social Media sites are a great way to do this. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.
  • Build a list – as you market and bring people back to your blog, it is very important that you have a lead capture form on your site, also known as an auto-responder. This is the form that asks for someone’s name and email address, in exchange for some piece of information.Your list is a priceless asset in building your business.Much like your warm market list; or list of past hostesses, this list contains the names of some who will eventually join you in your business. You want to communicate regularly with that list, by sending emails, by providing valuable information, and also tips and details on your business.
  • FORM – You’ve probably heard of FORM – Family, Occupation, Recreation or Money – those things we listen for and use to engage potential prospects offline.We can use this same concept online while we are out and about, socializing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, to name the big three. It’s about watching what your connections are chatting about – are they frustrated in a job, recently downsized, having a new baby and longing to quit a job?Be aware and watch for those opportunities when you can reach out, and using good success language.  Say something like – “I saw you mentioned XYZ; I may have a solution for you, and I am not sure. If I sent you a link to an online video, would you watch it?” You want to get their interest and consent before just blindly spamming them with a link.
  • Connect – make strong connections, in Social Media and with your subscriber list that you are developing. Share your story, share your “why”, share your struggles and successes.On Social Media, share the successes of your team, post photos, videos and excitement from events. Create a lifestyle approach that will engage people and get them asking – what is it this person does from home?

    Make sure your ‘About Me’ areas of each profile have links to your blog, and give them the chance to “click” to learn more.

Jackie Ulmer So, those are 5 things that I do online every day.

Tip: Do those 5 things every day and you will get the same results!

Consistency and focus are the keys. And, I promise you, once you tap into that “internet stream” of home business seekers, and you provide value and take an interest in them, you will love the way your business looks.
Jackie Ulmer
You’ll find some simple tools and resources on my blog for getting yourself launched online, if you don’t already have a blog.

And, I’ll look forward to reading your success story very soon.

Jackie has built an international business and income using online methods to build her business while managing a family and a life!

Blogging and Social Media are the platforms she uses and mentors on.

Sign up for her newsletter and grab her free report – “Profit in Your PJs: How to Create and Build an Online Business in 30 Minutes a Day” at

Please support the CashFlowShow Radio Sponsors! MyNewsletterBuilder is easy to use service. Deb's content can be preloaded into an auto series for your team from the MNB content corner! newsletters for direct sales

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Post Your Direct Sales Website Business URL Here!

Posted by Deb Bixler

I am continually amazed at how often people leave comments on the Cash Flow Show website without leaving a link in the website URL box that links to the consultant’s replicated site!

When you comment on this site, it automatically goes live if you do not place a link within the comment section. When filling out the form it is surprising to me how few people put their link in to their personal website!

What is your purpose online?

Is it to make money by driving people to your site, etc.?

Link To Your Direct Sales Website Below

direct sales website More than half of the consultants who comment on the Cash Flow Show blog DO NOT put their replicated direct sales website’s business link in the field that says website when making a comment.

I do not get it!

This is a site for direct sales consultants.

My guess is that since you are here you are looking for direct sales success.

Why is it then that you fail to drop your link when asked for it?

Direct Sales Marketing Tip

Sometimes it is not appropriate to link to your website. Other times it is!

  • It is inappropriate to drop your link into EVERY Facebook or Twitter post.
  • It is inappropriate to drop your link on on MY fan page just because you want to.
  • It is inappropriate to put your link in the comment section of the blog.

But it IS totally appropriate to include your link in the form where it asks for it so that your name becomes a hyperlink back to your website.

MARKETING TIP: You should ALWAYS leave a link when given the opportunity or asked for it.

The more connections you have on the web, the more powerful your online presence becomes. Even comment links strengthen brand online!

Would you say no offline when someone asks for a business card?

Add Comments, Ideas & Value To Websites

Comment on your thoughts and ideas add value to the article. When you add value to a website’s article, you will definitely have your link approved.

Some websites moderate the comments and approve them later. I allow all comments to go live immediately provided there are no links in the body of the article.

The more websites that you comment on, the stronger your personal “web” becomes. If your comment creates curiosity, it may lead to a new visitor on your website!

  • Leave a comment on this article below ONLY if you plan to put your web link in the field that says website.
  • Your link will be active immediately provided you do not include a link in the comment itself.
  • Always include the http:// before the www to ensure it is an active hyperlink.

Every Direct Seller Should Have A Domain!
Even if it is just an easy to remember redirect into your sales site. Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

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Social Media Marketing For Direct Sellers

Posted by Deb Bixler

I know that most direct sellers are using Facebook for business but are you doing it well?

Are you using social media to connect the web and leverage your time and income?

Last night when driving home from Virginia I listened to a talk show about social media marketing and they said that Facebook is dying and email is already dead.

They did point out that email for business will probably stay alive for quite some time.

Email For Business And Social Media Marketing

I was just looking at the analytics for the Cash Flow Show website for last week. Below is a graphic of the past week’s visitors to the site.

Three things jumped out at me in the report.

  1. I find it interesting that MyNewsletterBuilder (email) is integrated nicely with all the social sites I participate in.

    That alone indicates to me that my newsletter writing and email campaigns do pay off! In the world of business email is obviously not dead!

  2. With the exception of Twitter all the social sites that I participate in are showing in the top 25 referrers.
  3. I also find it noteworthy to look at the % of visitors from each site who were new to the Cash Flow Show website.

direct sales marketing
You will not get the leverage on the web that you seek without participating in more than one or two networks.

Direct Sales Marketing Means Connect The Web

There are hundreds of ways to connect the web for business. Unfortunately, most direct sellers think it is only about Facebook. If you are serious about direct sales marketing online then I suggest you get a bit more strategic about your online presence.

Deb bixler on facebook I recommend that you start in Facebook (or any social site that you like best) then become comfortable there. Develop a system for consistently reaching out to others and posting on your own stream, then after you have mastered the first social site, add another to your repertoire or branch out into niche groups.

Niche groups within a site like food groups or fashion groups are found in all the social sites. Becoming an active member in some of these groups puts your business in front of more people than you could meet on your own.

Joining and regularly participating in a niche group, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn or group Pin Boards in Pinterest is almost like joining  a ‘sub’ social site.

Twitter For Selling

Deb Bixler On Twitter Connecting the web for business means interconnecting all the different sites to strengthen your presence.

Twitter is more immediate than Facebook. Your updates have a short shelf life.

A post is often reposted or retweeted several times to make sure that it is in front of the most eyes.

At the very least, setting up a Twitter profile and allowing all of your Facebook updates to stream into Twitter is a must. While this is not a very personal or engaging way to Tweet, it is a must do if you are already in Facebook.

The exact same status updates that you are sharing in Facebook can be a form of passive marketing in Twitter.

Sales And Pinterest

deb bixler pinterest Pinterest is an artistic based social site. Founded originally for use by foodies, decorators and artists, the visual aspect is engaging and a perfect social media marketing environment for direct sales.

Don’t Market Your Business!

In Pinterest especially but true in all social sites you are not there to market, you are there to make friends and create desire.

An Online Marketing Strategy

What is your purpose online? Your marketing strategy should support that in every activity. Do you act like a professional?

The top three reasons people un-friend or un-follow in social sites are:

  • Too many uninteresting posts: “Drinking my coffee.” (all day)
  • Too many sales-y posts: “On sale today only!” (everyday)
  • Polarizing posts: “Guns are good!” (political, religious, issue-based)

If you are connecting the web for business remember what your goals are…. business!

What is your business purpose on line?

Keep that purpose in mind when engaging in social sites. That does not mean to say that you should always talk business. It means that your actions should always support your business.

Just like offline, conduct yourself like a business person.

Professional Attitude = Success Attitude

As a home business owner you would never go to the grocery store in curlers or dressed UN-presentably, would you?

Online you should not share inappropriate posts or polarizing comments, as you may alienate your next recruit.

Connecting The Worldwide Web Means More Leads

Visit Deb Bixler on YouTube There are hundreds of ways to connect the worldwide web. It is not just about Facebook and your replicated site. When you interconnect all the sites you get more leads.

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Niche Nings
  • Comments On Blogs
  • Blogging On Your Own Blog
  • Niche Groups Within Social Stes

You do not have to do them all but remember that the more you ‘connect’ your online presence, the more online success you will achieve. The web is what creates strength! More connections means more leverage online and more people coming to your site.

In social media marketing the interconnectedness between each of the social sites and the connections from the social sites to your replicated site and/or blog give you more internet power.

When you start in one, get consistent, make some systems and add another. Over the years you will see the benefits of your efforts pay off.

A Good Email Plan Adds Value To Your Social Strategies

As you can see from the above analytics a good email service that integrates with social media will support your online activities.

The newsletters get shared within the social sites as well as passed on to team members.

Create a strong online web and make a plan to support it with a strong email campaign!

Email is NOT dead!

Deb provides social media support for direct sellers at an affordable investment!

Call (717-751-2793) or email for information on setting up profiles, connecting accounts, social apps, email template creation, Fan page admin and other social media management services:
Contact Deb Bixler

What do you think? Please Share Online Marketing Ideas Below!

  • Is Facebook Dying?
  • Is Email Dead?

What are your online marketing ideas?

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