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Get tips for marketing party plan business online. How to use the internet for direct sales to support your offline business.

Do YOU Connect The Web?

Connect The Web
Most home business owners do not Connect The Web. It is not ONLY Facebook and your affiliate site! Read how to Connect the web and sell more online.

No Facebook Parties For Me Because….

Don't say no Facebook events for your business because of small challenges. Create extra income working from home with an attitude adjustment.

Do I Need A Facebook Page Or Group

Read how to decide if you need a Facebook page or group. Marketing your business online depends on getting seen so learn why a page and not a group.

Hostess Coaching Online Parties

Online parties can be as big as live parties when you learn how to hostess coach online parties to create an event that is worth your time and effort!

Write A Guest Post For Leads

A guest post on websites where your ideal customer hangs out may not fill the calendar but it will bring you an occasional surprise booking or sale!

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