Client Angel Creator Discusses Follow Up

My friend (and sort of neighbor) Jennifer Fitzgerald is the creator of The Client Angel which is one of the Cash Flow Show-recommended direct sales tools.

Sharing about social media follow up, Jen is our guest on this Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio broadcast.

Listen to Jen’s set here and/or visit the radio page to listen to the full show (through 6/14/17).

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Follow Up Organization

You must have a system of tracking your leads so that follow up does not fall through the cracks!!

Whatever your system is – however you organize your customers – always include notes that are personal such as birthday, anniversary, children, hobbies and activities.  These are all things that you can find on social media or learn at a party.

Reach out to both online and offline leads via social media and connect your customers’ real world life to their online activities.

Become the ‘connector’ of people and seek out friendships so that your business will benefit.

After finding new clients, offline leads or just new online followers connect with them personally and from a business aspect but not both at once.

Examples Of Social Media Follow Up NOT Business

  • Find an article that relates to their passions or activities listed on the about page
  • Create a birthday message
  • Create a half-birthday video or image
  • Share a selfie on their wall of the two of you
  • Send them a card on their birthday or anniversary
  • Send them an e-mail article about a hobby they love
  • Ask them how their kids are doing in their activities
  • Before they go on vacation, wish them well

Client Angel Technology

The Client Angel provides you with a direct sales-specific follow up system and timeline tracker for all leads no matter where they came from.

Keeping a timeline of your contact activities with each client and whether it was a personal message or a business message is the key to making your follow up effective.

Jen Fitzgerald
When people post things on their social media sites they are making a public announcement. You are not a creeper if you use that information to add value!

I recommend 2:1 personal to business contacts.

Jen Fitzgerald, Creator Client Angel

Jen Fitzgerald is a relationship building and follow up pro with a passion for teaching strategies to entrepreneurs. After applying her proven systems, clients experience significant growth in their business, more referrals, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they never miss anything in their customers’ lives.

The Client Angel is the tool of choice for the direct selling community. It is used in conjunction with your company website to catapult business success while giving you the organization you crave and the reminders you need to stay on top of  your customers’ lives.

Listen to the full show on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio page.

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