Do YOU Connect The Web?

The power of the web depends on connections…

Do you connect the web?
Are your online activities interconnected to create a strong presence on line?

The way the internet works and gains power (network marketing works the same way) is by the connections.

Connect The Web For More Success!

A spider web is a flimsy filament with great strength due to the many connections. The more connections you have in network marketing the easier it is to book parties or sell your wares.

The same is true on the internet.connecttheweb

The internet is the largest network marketing organization in the world.

The more connections you have the easier it is to achieve success.

Connect The Web For Direct Selling

There are hundreds of ways to connect the web for your direct selling business.  Unfortunately, most consultants think it is all about Facebook.

In order to harness the  power of the world wide web you must interconnect your activities online. The more web connections you have (read LINKS) the more powerful you will become!
connecting the web

Comment With Your Link

It is always amazing to me how few people put their direct sales replicated website’s URL in the box when they make a comment on a post…

Below – make a comment about this post and add your URL in the field that asks for your website. You will create a web connection that links this site to yours!

It is a powerful energy! The more links you have the more connected you are! (Links are a big part of the SEO pie!)

There are hundreds of ways to make your web presence more powerful.

  • Connect Facebook to your blog and/or replicated site
  • Connect Facebook to Twitter
  • Twitter to your website
  • Comment on this article and put your blog or replicated site in the box where it says: “website”
  • Write online articles or press releases and link to your sales page
  • Link from your sales page to Facebook
  • Add your website to the about page on EVERY social site there is!
  • Submit guest articles to blogs that accept posts and link somewhere
  • Connect your Pinterest account to your website
  • Post images that link to your website on Pinterest

I could go on forever but I think you get the point!

Connecting The Web Takes Time!

It takes time and consistency to build an online presence for your direct selling business.

The very fact that you are in direct selling makes it more difficult to make YOUR replicated site show up (it is a duplicate of your corporate site and Google likes unique) but it is not impossible!

It won’t happen by itself though. Just like starting a business…. it is simple to connect the web but it is not that easy or everyone could/would do it!

Connect To YOUR Business Site NOW!

Make a comment below and include your direct selling business website link so that you begin the process of connecting the web!


    Shared by: Ashley:

    Pink Zebra! The best in home fragrance! ?

    Shared by: Joy Ashe:

    I had no idea of all of these tricks of the trade.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Well, the internet is a big place… not sure if they are tricks but def something to pay attention too. Thanks for stopping by.

    Shared by: Ann:

    Thanks for your amazing ideas.

    Shared by: Stephanie:

    Great tips! I have a fairly good Web presence but I will definitely use these tips to make it greater! Thanks!

    Shared by: Vanessa Romo:

    Awesome article! I came across it on Linked In and I’m definitely going to start doing this!

    Shared by: Kelley Nix:

    Interesting… I always link, but hadn’t thought about the complete “circle.” Time to connect the dots!

    Shared by: Lynette Jeffres:

    Super tips and tricks! It’s easy to overlook the obvious sometimes! Thanks for the reminder!!

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