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Steve MacDonald, guest on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio talks about targeting your specific marketing niche using Facebook ads.

#107 on our list of direct sales bookings ideas this is a topic that has mixed reactions on two levels.

  1. Facebook ads are often considered bad, stupid, unfair or otherwise negative.
  2. Many direct sellers don’t want to narrow their niche.

Listen to the show and learn why a smaller market is better and how Facebook ads will bring you the greatest return on your investment when done right!

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Facebook Ads Target Specific Niche

No matter how you feel about Facebook ads, the fact is that they are a very powerful tool and can be tailored specifically to find your PERFECT client!
Facebook Ads
When you advertise to the perfect customer – someone who is just like you – and emotionally connect you will grow your team, generate sales and schedule parties!

The combined approach of using a specific passion or niche and the scale of technology and Facebook ads allows you to meet literally thousands of people who are ideal customers, hostesses and consultants.

  1. Pick a target market based on your passions and situation in life. These are people who will easily relate to you because you are the same. If you are a diabetic woman then you narrow your market down to diabetic women. If you are a Mom of an autistic child then look for Moms of autistic children. Are you a police officer? If so, then target police officers!
  2. Use the scale of Facebook ads to reach hundreds of thousands of people online consistently!  Reach out to your ideal candidate who is just like you by creating an engaging ad then use the many tools available to generate personal communication with a focus on those who DO engage.

A dynamite ad campaign is an investment that will pay off. When done right, it is an affordable investment that generates income, not an expense that is a burden.

Steve MacDonald
The power of a company’s “Emotional Brand Intelligence” and social capacity are underutilized 99% of the time.
Steve MacDonald, The Practical Social Media University

Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald is the founder of the Practical Social Media University. He teaches a unique online lead generation technique utilizing technology to give direct sellers a significant online advantage.


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