Facebook Events: Profile Or Business?

In this excerpt of the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio our guest was Jennifer Johnson, CEO of CinchShare and we discussed a simple process to make your Facebook parties profitable.

In the first segment the conversation was focused on the often asked question of whether Facebook events should be conducted from your personal profile page or from your business page.

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Facebook Events Sell

According to Facebook rules you are not supposed to be doing business or sell from your personal profile.

Profiles are people.

Business pages are…. well businesses!FacebookEvent

So, when conducting business you should be operating from your business page.

Facebook Event Private Settings

The often sited reason why distributors want an event on a personal page is the ability to make the party private.

While an event on the business page does not have the ability to be set as private, the posts you post within the event only go to those who have joined the event. They are not showing up in the public feeds unless you share them from your page publicly.

A Facebook event or party which is engaged in selling should always be conducted on your business page events tab.

It is one thing to talk business or promote a business event from your profile but when you are conducting a selling event – a home party business event – from your profile you are running the risk of:

  • Having your posts deleted
  • Being sent to ‘Facebook Jail’
  • Or the worst case scenario – having your account shut down

They do on occasion and will literally delete your whole account without notice!!

CinchShare is a scheduling tool that frees you up to engage with your guests by auto-posting your updates during the party.  (This CinchShare coupon code [ CSfree ] will give you a month free instead of their normal 7 days. Not sure when it expires.)

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